SHOMRIM CB – 12, Yidel & Perlstein and Lies…



Lost Messiah, June 20, 2016

We have previously covered in detail the allegations regarding the corruption and fraud by the coordinators of the Boro Park Shomrim. We have named the Players, 1-9, and their relevance. We have preempted news reports involving many of those names well in advance of arrests, indictments and other scandals. So far, we have been on target with our analysis.

We have received countless emails stating that there is no patrol; that the scooters are used by coordinators as their private vehicles. We have wanted to post those article but were waiting on conclusive pictures, evidence, something to substantiate the claims that the vehicles, paid for by taxpayers at huge sums of money, are actually used for private use; and that the entire “Shomrim” network is one of corruption and scandal.

What follows are a series of articles, references to a New York Times article that came out on Friday and others, subtantiating our allegations that the Borough Park Shomrim are nothing more than a Simon Wiesenthal Center in disguise, less legitimate, less untarnished, less corrupt and less a measure of dirty politics at its best. What the two organizations now share, however, is a connection to the NYPD, political favors, pay-for-pay schemes, protectionism, lies, fraud and a conduit for the movement of huge amounts of money and political capital.

Pictures paint a thousand of words. Articles to follow.

See the Boro Park Shomrim scooter in these pictures. Are these buildings in Boro Park? We think not.

Hats off for the person who sent these.


Strange Bedfellows: 8 Must-Read Articles On The NYPD-Shomrim Corruption Scandal

A recent bribery scandal involving the NYPD and members of the Shomrim, an all-volunteer Jewish security patrol, has drawn a glaring media spotlight on how the two organizations function together—and occasionally clash—while enforcing neighborhood justice.

Today’s New York Times article recapped the Shomrim’s civilian and police clashes over the past 10 years, but the nuanced relationship between the civilian patrol and the local 66th precinct deserves a closer look. The Shomrim receives thousands of dollars in funding from city council annually, and often works side-by-side with the NYPD. They serve as patrol squads and unofficial liaisons between police and the Orthodox Jewish communities in Borough Park, Flatbush, Crown Heights, and Williamsburg, according to the Daily Beast. But Shomrim members have also been involved in assaults, and have been caught withholding critical information from police, reports the Times. And in the face of bribery scandals and power struggles, both organizations are under renewed public scrutiny.

For those interested in learning more about the history between the NYPD and civilian security patrols, we’ve collected eight articles to inform the ongoing debate over the question—when it comes to the relationship between local police and the Jewish security patrols, how close is too close for comfort?

If you have more to add to this list, please add them in the comments section below.


Board 12’s diversity is striking, according to Spitzer and Chairperson Yidel Perlstein, who noted that in addition to Orthodox Jews and Muslims, the neighborhoods in the board’s territory include Chinese, Pakistanis and residents from Bangladesh. Kensington, particularly the area around Ocean Parkway, is home to many Russians

The members of the board are…… Sandy Aboulafia,Yakov Abramov, Gabriella Amari, Abe Berkovic, Anna Cali, Jacob Daskal, Hersh Deutsch, Alan J. Dubrow, Joel Eisdorfer, Simcha Eichenstein,Israel Eisdorfer, Roberta Feinstein, Gittel Fekete, Annie Ferdous, Vincent Fiordimondo, Jules Fleischer, Rabbi Bernard Freilich, Jacque Friedman, Sharon Fuchs, Joseph Gross, Jacob Haas, P.E., Edward Handler, Mamnunul Haq, Michael Hidary, Douglas Jablon, Larry Jayson, Mordechai Katz, Akiva Kizelnik, Aaron Kohn, Yee Leung, Joseph Levy, Lily Marinelli, Aaron Minz, Yidel Perlstein, Morty Pupko, Peter Rebenwurzel, Mendel Reiner, Morris Senderovic, David Shlomovich, Yeruchim Silber, Schlome Steinmetz, Samuel Stober, Akiva Tauber, Margaret Tobin, David Vogel, Sol Wahba, Mayer Weber, Ruben Werczberger, Moshe H. Wieder, Rochelle Zami.

The Chairperson and district manager are hasidic jews.
45 of the board’s 50 members are hasidics. why havent pakistanis bangladeshans russians and secular jews been appointed to the board.

Answer CB 12 is CORRUPT.




One thought on “SHOMRIM CB – 12, Yidel & Perlstein and Lies…

  1. How about rooting out the thieves who steal philanthropic funds from the Israel they claim to support although it is really the other way around… Thieves leading major Jewish federations… Please read carefully

    ▼ Hide quoted text
    On Apr 1, 2016 6:19 PM, “Mitch Paul” wrote:
    Please do…when can I come to your office and share my insight

    On Apr 1, 2016 6:18 PM, “Ed Wittenberg” wrote:
    If you contact me again, I am calling the police.

    From: Mitch Paul []
    Sent: Friday, April 01, 2016 12:23 PM
    To: Ed Wittenberg
    Subject: Fraud

    These people are Crooks.. Read carefully
    Please help expose these goniffs….math not difficult. number .. These people responsible for billions of charitable funds.
    These Jews at the top of Jewish leadership forgot ‘though shall not steal!’
    Some folks saw an opportunity to capitalize on hate and fear…our basic desire for security.
    North American Jewish federations leadership set up ‘Secure COMMUNITY network’ (read Forward story linked below) Ein# 20- 1437733 check guidestar for instance to allegedly protect all jews..certainly the members of their organizations, from terror.
    I have discovered they had other motivation. The grants mostly from North America Jewish federations but many other clearly exceeds the amount of grants ‘secure community network’ has claimed to have received.
    Another charitable fraud for Clevelanders, my hometown, at our Jewish federation with Stephen HOFFMAN at the till (helm)with accomplices Malcolm Hoenlein, David Harris and other trustees, David Harris who was paid one and a half millions last year…. His group north American Jewish federations paid nearly all or more (350 and 450,000$ to support secure community network alone),of secure community networks claimed income. 450,000 $ alone is more than they have ever claimed. MANY other Jewish federations have also donated, look at the board membership… All thieves…. Malcolm hoenlein is one the highest paid Jewish leaders over 600 thousands… Wrote letter to William Rapfogels (who stole 9+ millions from NY Jewish Poverty charity) federal judge asking for leniency because William was hard up only making 450,000$ poor fellow…. Also raised most of the restitution for the poor thief so he wouldn’t have to dip into the proceeds of his crimes to pay his court ordered restitution…recently also came to Sheldon Silver defense as well .
    Lots of other Jewish leaders also wrote letters to the judge… They are all suspect. Hadassah in addition has paid over a million dollars that is visible probably over 2 millions to secure community networks’ subcontractor ‘public safety strategies group ‘ my efforts to inform them of their duplicate payments has earned me a threatening letter from their attorney…. Find such payments to ‘public safety strategy group ‘in the category contractors over 100,000$. As members of the the’ conference of presidents ‘ they should have received those services already. The Hadassah 990s from 2010-3 list ‘public safety ‘. In 2010 they paid 360,000. More than they received from the rest of the Jewish community represented by north American Jewish federations and the’ conference hoenlein and his buddies Stephen Hoffman (850,000) and David Harris set up this phony charity.. ‘Secure community network’ to line thier own pockets. Have a better explanation? Not difficult to see that said charities 990 lists a lot less revenue from grants than was given to it.(ein#20-1437733)..Many federations have made large grants Where is the rest? Was the huge 69,000$ insurance expense on your last 990 possibly from century insurance Rapfogels partner in crime. Why was there not an insurance expense in the previous 2 990s??.
    Hope these Crooks use the traditional sincere Japanese method of apology rather than further burden society with the cost of their incarceration.

    Have been posting this widely with no effort by leadership to defend themselve. The numbers just don’t add up.x
    Also at Hoenlein’s 2 ‘cops’ charities.(one ends in fund) Add both together and the benefits vs other salaries is ridiculous. 2012 salaries for others 208,469….benefits 179,689. 86%~. Normally around 15%.
    Look at all the years and check the disparity in 990 statements.
    It’s bizarre. Usually much greater continuity.
    The willingness of these accountants like Loeb.troper . and donors Is directly linked to the constant assertions of multiple levels of it’s squeaky kosher…ie you can trust us.
    Brilliant Jewish nonprofit leadership trying to squeeze every drop of charitable donations into their needy clients larder.
    Or the opposite as we saw with Rapfogel?
    This will make Rapfogels case look small.

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