REICHBERG – The Guy who Committed No Crimes, to Micah Kaplan


For Micah Kaplan –


Lost Messiah, June 20, 2016

Several weeks ago, when we first began investigating R&R, and had almost all of the pieces put together, we wrote an article about a man named Micah Kaplan. We quoted the article highlighting his story about having been preyed upon by a family member of  Jeremy Reichberg.

We quoted from the article that stated that the charges against his assailants did not stick. We all knew why.

The guy who commits no crimes had [allegedly] paid off the police to make the crimes of his kin go away. As a tribute to the Micah Kaplan and to any other person who will now and always be collateral damage of the non-criminal’s criminal behavior, we are reposting Mr. Kaplan’s story.

We want to remind those readers who have followed our stories that we are paying attention. We are doing our research. People are reading. In our view, Reichberg is and has always been a criminal.

To those who are in bed with him, when you lie with a dirty dog, flees are inevitable. To Mr. Kaplan, may you finally feel justice. We are sorry for your plight, for your suffering and for the suffering of others like you. Hopefully, justice will prevail.

From The New York Daily News, April 10, 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Jeremy Reichberg, Brooklyn bigwig in FBI corruption probe, allegedly used NYPD connections to help nephew escape assault charges

A Borough Park businessman at the heart of a police bribery probe leaned on his police buddies to squash two assault raps involving his nephew, according to the victims of a pair of attacks.

Borough Park business honcho Jeremy Reichberg is being investigated by the feds for allegedly plying NYPD brass and at least one officer in the 66th Precinct with gifts in return for favors, according to multiple sources.


His nephew, Shlomo Reichberg, was part of a gang of disassociated Hasidic teens called Grouplech, which means forks in Yiddish, community sources said. The Hasidic hooligans were involved in two reported violent attacks in 2012, according to the victims.

In one scary encounter, Micha Kaplan, 45, says a group of Hasidic teens put him in the hospital for several days after a severe beating. The alleged beatdown started after the teens cut him off as he was driving in Borough Park.

At a red light, Kaplan rolled down his window and complained to the driver of the Chevy Impala.

That didn’t go over well.

Kaplan says the teens tailgated him for 20 blocks. The confrontation came to a head when one of the teens got out the car and tried to open Kaplan’s passenger side door. When Kaplan got out to close the door two of the teens started to punch and kick him, police records show.

During the attack they allegedly yelled “Litvak!” the Yiddish term for Lithuanian Jews, who are not Hasidic.

Kaplan, who works in real estate, went to Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn. He spent four days there with internal bleeding.


After his release, he did some research in the community, and identified several of the teens he believes attacked him. They included Reichberg’s nephew, who was with the group at the time, but did not hit Kaplan.

But police from the 66th Precinct didn’t care, Kaplan says.

“They were squashing it 100%,” Kaplan said. “They told me I was unable to identify the guy and that my witnesses were no good. They never tried to make an arrest.”

Kaplan filed a complaint with the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau.

Afterwards, the officers issued a wanted poster for one of the alleged attackers, Yossi Follman. But cops made no effort to find him and warned Kaplan to stay away, the victim contends.

“They told me not to hang out in front of (Follman’s) house and suggested I call 911 when I see him on the street so they could send a patrol car to arrest him,” Kaplan said. “It was a joke.”

No arrest has ever been made.

The NYPD sent out this wanted poster for Yossi Follman after Kaplan’s complaint, but Kaplan says cops failed to follow up on the allegations.
The NYPD sent out this wanted poster for Yossi Follman after Kaplan’s complaint, but Kaplan says cops failed to follow up on the allegations. (HANDOUT)
When the NYPD was asked for an update on the case and Kaplan’s old IAB complaint a department representative referred The News to Police Commissioner Bill Bratton’s statement issued on Tuesday.

“On these investigations we’re not able to comment on them and that’s an agreement with the bureau,” he told reporters Tuesday, referring to an ongoing FBI probe.

On Wednesday, Follman’s mother downplayed the incident.

“How is this something new?” she asked a reporter outside her Borough Park home.

“Are you sure Mr. Kaplan isn’t exaggerating things,” she asked.

Asked about the gang, she said, “They are just a group of friends. Never into anything violent.”

That’s not how Benjamin Blau (no relation to this reporter) sees it.

Blau says he was attacked by members of the gang as he was delivering religious court notifications in Borough Park in October 2012.

According to Blau, several of the teens inside four cars jumped out and yelled in Yiddish “Kill him!”

“Between eight to 10 guys approached our car,” Blau recalled several weeks after the assault. One kicked the driver’s side door and flashed a knife.


In a panic, Blau accidentally unlocked the door. The gang members then yanked him from the car and one began hitting him in the head with a metal bar, Blau says.

“At this point I started losing consciousness,” he recalled.

Police arrested three of the assailants but the case was later dropped, records show. It is unclear why the charges were never pursued.


6 thoughts on “REICHBERG – The Guy who Committed No Crimes, to Micah Kaplan

  1. Hedge fund manager Sanjay Valvani, who was charged with insider trading of drug stocks last week, was found dead Tuesday in an apparent suicide.
    “We mourn the tragic loss of Sanjay, a devoted father, husband and friend,” Jacob Gottlieb, Visium’s founder, said in a statement obtained by Business Insider. “Our thoughts are with his family during this difficult time.”
    Valvani, 44, the portfolio manager at Visium Asset Management, turned himself into authorities last week after he was accused of a $32-million scheme that relied on insider information from the Food and Drug Administration on generic drugs that were about to get approved.
    He was put on leave from the company earlier this year due to an investigation that led to the hedge fund getting shut down last Friday.
    Valvani’s lawyer Barry Berke said it was “difficult to comprehend” the “horrible tragedy.”
    “Sanjay Valvani was a loving father, husband, son and brother and committed friend, colleague and mentor. We hope for the sake of his family and his memory that it will not be forgotten that the charges against him were only unproven accusations and he had always maintained his innocence,” Berke said.

  2. when is preet going to clean up the sex crimes unit? they think saying hi to a girl in boro park is harassment, what antimsemites, totally enforcing the gender separation code.

  3. I hope justice will be served I had a similar situation I had a Sargent calling me & treating me stay away from richberg & rachnitz two low life

    • What about preet looking into influence peddling in the courts? The executive and legislative branches are corrupt to the core. Are judges Angels beyond Preet’s reach?

      • And why was Rockland County Judge Rolf Thorsen swapped with Westchester County Judge David Zuckerman?
        Rule #1: Don’t clean up the dirt; just sweep it somewhere else.

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