Tamara Schoor Names Rabbi Meir Pogrow as her Abuser



To this courageous woman, Tamara Schoor you are a heroine to the Jewish community.

Magen stands with Tamara Schoor, who has courageously chosen to name her abuser, Meir Pogrow. Magen has heard Ms. Schoor’s account, and is aware of other reports of immoral and abusive behavior committed by Pogrow. While we are not a court of law, it is our professional opinion that these reports appear credible.

If you or someone you know has been abused by Pogrow, we encourage you to contact the relevant authorities and/or Magen, and we will help in every way possible.


Tamara Schoor


Rabbi Meir Pogrow preys upon teenagers, young women and allegedly children as well. He travels internationally teaching Torah in Jewish communities around the world and is therefore dangerous on a broader scale.

Pogrow is a man who does not deserve the title of rabbi let alone Dayan (judge). His genius is not in question but his character, morality and Torah observance are.
I have often wondered whether his Torah knowledge and teaching have any value when he has distorted and perverted it in the pursuit of his most base desires. He has used his breadth of knowledge, charisma and position of authority to coerce behavior that is antithetical to Halacha, not only violating the laws himself but coercing others to do the same, IN THE NAME OF GOD no less.

This man, my rabbi, my mentor, my spiritual adviser spent years earning my trust only to betray it in the most cunning, sinister and spiritually destructive way possible. From the tender age of 15, he cultivated my dependence on him, fostering a kind of hero worship only to use it as a tool for mind games, manipulation and abuse.

I am sharing this secret now for several reasons but ultimately it is a burden I physically cannot bear any longer.
I have been silenced for far too long. By my own voice telling me that I won’t be believed, that I will be opening myself up to skepticism, mockery and attack. By caring family and friends who don’t want to see me hurt and disappointed over and over again.

And most effectively, by community Rabbi’s who have chosen not to expose this predator (God willing that will change) while participating in creating an environment in which I am afraid of the backlash and recriminations for exposing him myself.

I apologize in advance to any victims who may want to keep this secret buried, a box shoved in the back of their closet, never to be opened again. I am deeply sorry to open old wounds but I am always available to offer support.

The Rabbis have said they finally have what they need to make a statement. I pray they keep their word but I can no longer sit in silence, my guilt a cold companion.


15 thoughts on “Tamara Schoor Names Rabbi Meir Pogrow as her Abuser

  1. i think an extra issue that Mr. Ironheart raises is that there is no “crime” alleged. At least it doesn’t appear so. Thus, there will never be police involvement or secular court involvement. There will never be a trial. The issue is whether this particular individual is fit to be a teacher/leader in the community. it appears not. It appears that the information is true. I am not sure without “due process” youll never know 100%. (Watch “Fantastic Lies” about the Duke Lacrosse team to see a story that looked crystal clear and wentawfully bad. In that case though — there were criminal allegations.) I think that the Beth Din here went further than others have. The allegations are clearer. The members of both Beth Din are known. The psak is unambiguous in terms of what it requires.

    • In Israel at least, it is a criminal offense for someone in a position such as psychologist, rabbi, etc. to engage in sexual activity with their client, even if entirely consensual. So prima facie there do seem to be suspicions of criminal activity. I have not heard of charges being pressed however.

      • @Simmy and @S.Kaufman, in the US it is a civil offense for a psychologist or other professional to engage in sexual activity with their client. It is actionable by the State and by the certifying organization. It can also be the basis for civil litigation.

  2. Who is the woman in the U.S. who books meetings for him, long distance carpool travel, and entertainment in hotels, etc., and functions as his agent etc. and knowingly ensnared girls?

  3. @Garnel Ironheart – this is not a random posting on FB. See the public warnings issued by well-known Rabbonim here, as well as indications that there has been a cover up going on for 15 years: https://frumfollies.wordpress.com/2016/06/20/rabbi-meir-pogrow-denounced-for-sexual-misconduct-by-six-rabbis-from-us-and-israel/#comment-122225

    You are right to be concerned about how easy it may be to smear innocent people’s reputation. That doesn’t seem to be the case here.

    • @ Simmy, in fairness to Garnel Ironheart, we posted before the Rabbinical Court came out with its decree. We had credible information about this matter and posted accordingly.

  4. Tamara, You bear no shame or guilt in this matter. Sexual abusers prey on their vicitms, They use a position of power to weild it like a weapon over their vicitms. Be strong and proud, and do not allow this sinister person to continue to destroy your life or the lives of others. Until victims come out of the shadows, en masse, perpetrators will believe they can continue their crimes.

  5. @Garnel Ironheart – we grappled with your question before printing. We have grappled with many similar questions. And, there can be no denying that it is troubling. We had to weigh the evils, so to speak, so as to either give credence to the statements made by this girl or protect an “acused” abuser before he goes to trial. The subject Rabbi listed in this article has had accusations levied against him before, each resulting in victimizing the victim. This is one of the first times that the voice of the victim is or has been stronger than the voice of the accused. Magen also does its own investigating of these cases before publicly supporting victims, credibility is important. The question you ask is troubling on many levels. The reality is, in our view, in all of these cases, it is always a he/said-she/said situation (or in the Mikveh cases a he said/he said), unless there is an eye-witness. We have taken the position of prudence on the side of the abused before the side of the accused, particularly where there may be other accusations. Our position on this is not carved in stone, however. Here we think we have done the right thing.

  6. Here’s an ethical question. Without casting judgement on this young lady, what has just happened here? In the absence of trial, evidence or even objective proof a man’s name has just been internationally publicized. His life, outside of his immediate community, is now mud. Now, if these accusations are true then he deserves Gehinnom or worse but he has not had a chance to face his accuser in a neutral court of law. Am I the only one troubled by this?

      • @Gabriel Ironheart No you are not! The question you raise is of extreme importance.

        Wrongfully denouncing someone who is in fact innocent is of course a terrible crime. It is also extremely damaging to the cause of those who have actually been abused. All it takes is one or two cases of wrongful accusation, and all the evildoers can then simply claim they are innocent too, just like poor so-and-so who was the victim of “hysterical” “blood-thirsty” crazies who have a hidden agenda, or some such nonsense.

        So it’s a hard thing to balance, but we really do need to be very clear about the facts before going public. In that respect you are 100% correct.

        Again however, in this particular case the facts do not seem to be in doubt.

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