Emails, de-Blasio and Jonathan Rosen




Lost Messiah Jun 16, 2016

rosenWe have alluded to the fact that we believe Jonathan Rosen holds a “position” in New York City government [“agent of the city”] which according to the Mayor’s office shields communications with him from public scrutiny. We have stated that it is inconceivable that Jonath Rosen does not walk a prickly line of potential if not unquestionable conflicts.[think Two Trees]. We argue that Mayor de Blasio’s ability to act in the best interest of his constituents [not that we think he has done much of that anyway] is compromised.

In our view, Mayor de Blasio has used the savvy of Jonathan Rosen, the nuances of government and the Freedom of Information Act, the unwavering charm of an entitled wealthy child of a nursing home invested religious Jewish family [Rechnitz] and the financial whoring of many within the ultra-Orthodox community [CB12 and the Shomrim] to make him politically strong and likely financially secure.

We believe wholeheartedly that the Mayor’s office knew about Rivington and the Allure deal [and others] and may have even been “compensated” for a collective apathy. We believe that Jonathan Rosen has known that the Mayor’s administration and many within the NYPD were in bed with Rechnitz and Reichberg from the get-go  and used his public relations savvy to guide the Mayor through potential pitfalls.

We have no doubt that for Mayor de Blasio [like some of his predecessors] the political capital the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community provided far outweighed any need for morality or ethics. Finally it is our position that the entire New York State political landscape, from Mayor de Blasio to Governor Cuomo, be well planted with the seeds of corruption.


The Wall Street Journal is reporting:

Emails Reveal Another Side of Bill de

A person familiar with the emails said the main concern about releasing them
was that they would show how involved Mr. de Blasio is in political minutiae and
his raw thoughts on prominent politicians.


Last month, the mayor’s office designated five longtime advisers to Mr. de Blasio
as “agents of the city,” saying their correspondence is exempt from the state’s
freedom-of-information law because of the special nature of their relationship
with the mayor. Television station NY1 had initially requested the emails.


Last week, Mr. de Blasio’s office released thousands of emails that included
correspondence with political consultant Jonathan Rosen, one of the five
advisers that the mayor’s office designated as an agent of the city. Mr. de Blasio’s
aides have said certain emails with these five advisers would be made public,
specifically those emails that involved the advisers’ clients.


The emails that the administration released showed Mr. Rosen’s firm in regular
contact with the mayor. The emails discuss public-relations issues with some of
his firm’s clients.


Open-records experts said the de Blasio’s administration’s decision not to
release the emails may be on shaky legal ground because the mayor’s advisers aren’t paid by the city.


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