Rabbi Mark Dratch -Assiduously, Really?


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Following Up – Questioning Rabbi Dratch’s Less than Adequate Response to Erik Aiken’s Detailed Letter…


Dear Rabbi Dratch,

Six weeks ago, I emailed you and published on my website, http://www.protectjewishkids.com, a detailed letter expressing my deep concern that the RCA was doing little to protect Orthodox children from sexual assault:

• I wrote a 2,000 word letter pointing out how the RCA hasn’t implemented or enforced 4 separate sets of child safety resolutions that it has adopted over the last 23 years. I also asked you to require that all RCA rabbis publicly prohibit from their synagogues, schools and yeshivas anyone convicted of a child sex crime. In a phone call that I had with you 7 months ago, you told me that you wouldn’t commit to enforcing the RCA child protection resolutions or requiring rabbis to ban child rapists and molesters from Orthodox institutions.

• I wrote how you told me in that phone call that publicizing the identities of convicted Orthodox child molesters was a “no-brainer”, yet the RCA doesn’t do it.

• I cited an essay that you wrote 10 years ago that advocates for abusive rabbis to be excommunicated and defrocked, yet the RCA, to my knowledge has never done so to an abusive rabbi.

• I wrote about the RCA resolution that pledges to condemn every person involved in child sexual abuse. Yet out of over 250 public record cases that I have posted, I can only find on the RCA website 3 of these cases mentioned.

• I also wrote how in an RCA resolution 23 years ago, the RCA called for abusers to be identified to future employers, yet the RCA still doesn’t appear to have any system in place to do that.

I will quote your response to my letter in its entirety:

“Thank you for your email. We continue to work assiduously on this issue.”

That was your complete response to my detailed letter. Thirteen meaningless words.
I believe that many people reading this will find your response to be a totally inadequate. Yet you and the RCA don’t seem to want to discuss any of the above issues, let alone take long overdue action to protect our children from a lifetime of pain.

Don’t you feel that as executive vice president of the largest rabbinic organization in the world you have an obligation to protect the children in your synagogues, schools, yeshivas, mikvas and summer camps from sexual abuse and harm?

I believe that thousands of parents and community members feel that they have no voice in their Orthodox communities. They see that their rabbis are unresponsive to their concerns about the need for child protection, intolerant of criticism and unwilling to be held accountable for their lack of action. Many fear that if they speak out, they will be shamed, punished and ostracized from their communities, as many have been who have spoken out in the past.

The writing is on the wall. Covering-up molesters, silencing victims and ignoring their advocates is a losing strategy. Nothing good will come of it. The only question is how much more public shame, ridicule and humiliation our rabbis are willing to bring upon themselves and the entire Jewish community before they come to that realization.

Eric Aiken is an advocate for Orthodox victims of child sexual abuse and the owner of www.protectjewishkids.com


2 thoughts on “Rabbi Mark Dratch -Assiduously, Really?

  1. What did you expect? It’s not like the RCA overseers can ever lose their jobs. They are self-perpetuating and answer to no one (obviously, not even God.)

  2. Meant to give you this… Thefts at the top of Jewish philanthropy leadership.

    BTW…for what reason would you call the police…

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    On Apr 1, 2016 6:19 PM, “Mitch Paul” wrote:
    Please do…when can I come to your office and share my insight

    On Apr 1, 2016 6:18 PM, “Ed Wittenberg” wrote:
    If you contact me again, I am calling the police.

    From: Mitch Paul [shakercyclew5@gmail.com]
    Sent: Friday, April 01, 2016 12:23 PM
    To: Ed Wittenberg
    Subject: Fraud

    These people are Crooks.. Read carefully
    Please help expose these goniffs….math not difficult. 2163551624.my number .. These people responsible for billions of charitable funds.
    These Jews at the top of Jewish leadership forgot ‘though shall not steal!’
    Some folks saw an opportunity to capitalize on hate and fear…our basic desire for security.
    North American Jewish federations leadership set up ‘Secure COMMUNITY network’ (read Forward story linked below) Ein# 20- 1437733 check guidestar for instance to allegedly protect all jews..certainly the members of their organizations, from terror.
    I have discovered they had other motivation. The grants mostly from North America Jewish federations but many other clearly exceeds the amount of grants ‘secure community network’ has claimed to have received.
    Another charitable fraud for Clevelanders, my hometown, at our Jewish federation with Stephen HOFFMAN at the till (helm)with accomplices Malcolm Hoenlein,Robert Sugarman and David Harris who was paid one and a half millions last year…. group north American Jewish federations paid nearly all(350 and 450,000$ to support secure community network alone),of secure community networks claimed income. 450,000 $ alone is more than they have ever claimed. MANY other Jewish federations have also donated, look at the board membership… All thieves…. Malcolm hoenlein is one the highest paid Jewish leaders over 600 thousands… Wrote letter to William Rapfogels (who stole 9+ millions from NY Jewish Poverty charity) federal judge asking for leniency because William was hard up only making 450,000$ poor fellow…. Also raised most of the restitution for the poor thief so he wouldn’t have to dip into the proceeds of his crimes to pay his court ordered restitution… Lots of other Jewish leaders also wrote letters to the judge… They are all suspect. Hadassah in addition has paid over a million dollars to secure community networks’ subcontractor ‘public safety strategies group ‘ my efforts to inform them of their duplicate payments has earned me a threatening letter from their attorney…. Find such payments to ‘public safety strategy group ‘in the category contractors over 100,000$. As members of the the’ conference of presidents ‘ they should have received those services already. The Hadassah 990s from 2010-3 list ‘public safety ‘. In 2010 they paid 360,000. More than they received from the rest of the Jewish community represented by north American Jewish federations and the’ conference ‘.
    Him and his buddies Stephen Hoffman (850,000) and David Harris set up this phony charity.. ‘Secure community network’ to line thier own pockets. Not difficult to see that said charities 990 lists a lot less revenue from grants than was given to it.(ein#20-1437733).. Where is the rest? Was the huge 69,000$ insurance expense on your last 990 possibly from century insurance Rapfogels partner in crime. Why was there not an insurance expense in the previous 2 990s??. Why is the 2014 990 still not filed? Why is your longtime accountant Loeb and troper no longer employed?
    Hope these Crooks use the traditional sincere Japanese method of apology rather than further burden society with the cost of their incarceration.


    Have been posting this widely with no effort by leadership to defend themselve. The numbers just don’t add up.
    Also at Hoenlein’s 2 ‘cops’ charities.(one ends in fund) Add both together and the benefits vs other salaries is ridiculous. 2012 salaries for others 208,469….benefits 179,689. 86%~. Normally around 15%.
    Look at all the years and check the disparity in 990 statements.
    It’s bizarre. Usually much greater continuity.
    The willingness of these accountants like Loeb.troper . and donors Is directly linked to the constant assertions of multiple levels of oversight.ie it’s squeaky kosher…ie you can trust us.
    Brilliant Jewish nonprofit leadership trying to squeeze every drop of charitable donations into their needy clients larder.
    Or the opposite as we saw with Rapfogel?
    This will make Rapfogels case look small.

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    Hadassah cheated out over a million… Malcolm hoenlein silent

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