Former Mafia-linked figure claiming relationship with Trump named Man of the Year by Chabad of Port Washington, N.Y. in 2014

After the video we posted earlier today, perhaps nothing about Chabad should surprise us. We were wrong. We are reposting this blog and have commented adding the video we posted earlier to cross reference the two. To be “agent of New York” someone must have dirty secrets about de Blasio packed away and conflicting interests. To be “Man of the Year” by Chabad…. that is just another story… but perhaps not so very different.


The Washington Post has a story about a former mafia figure, Felix Sater, Port Washington, NY Chabad 2104who claims to have had a business relationship with Donald Trump.  Buried toward the end of the story was a very briefly mentioned  fact about Felix Sater’s relationship with the Chabad Lubavitch organization, a fundamentalist, messianic sect of ultra-Orthodox Jews.

One may be aware that Chabad is plagued with scandal.  Despite their efforts to appear religious and righteous, those willing to do their research on Chabad will find story after story about child sexual abuse cover-ups, financial crimes, building their infrastructure with donations of illegally obtained money, etc.  So it’s no surprise that Chabad of Port Washington, NY named the mafia figure in the WaPo story “Man of the Year” in 2014.

He is an active member of Chabad, an Orthodox Jewish sect, and, in 2014, was named Man of the Year by Chabad of Port Washington…

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