Chabad Jew Celebrating the Deaths in Orlando

Are our Fundamentalist Jewish Counterparts Any Different than the Worst Kind of Fundamentalist Muslims?

Is the man speaking in this Video an Aberration or is this Feeling Shared by Mainstream Chabad?

Lost Messiah, June 14, 2016

We are posting this video which leaves little to be said. It should be viewed with great urgency. For many of us it represents nothing more and nothing less than an embarrassment to who we are as Jews and a sense of despair.

To those of us non-Jews or simply conscientious observers, this represents a slow destruction of a people, a decline in what was once the Jewish conscience, a peaceful moral compass.

We view this video and those like it as nightmarish in its/their implications.

Are our ultra-Orthodox Jewish counterparts one day going to demand that their wives be clothed in Burkhas, claiming the fundamentalist version of a Jihad? Are they going to be praying to a G-d who many of us understand is peace-loving, finding portions within Jewish texts to justify murder?

Orlando represented, for anyone with a conscience, the senseless killing of human beings. Orlando was an act carried out by a single man out on a violent and brutal mission and there was, in our view, nothing G-d loving in the events that transpired. For a Chabad Jew to turn it into something justifiable is unthinkable.

Are we in the process of viewing a demise in the Jewish morality? Are we now giving a justification, for anti-Semitism of the worst kind? You might be surprised by your response.


25 thoughts on “Chabad Jew Celebrating the Deaths in Orlando

  1. Chabad has HATES homosexuality; except under certain circumstances.

    A few examples may be:

    – it’s with minors in a Chabad yeshiva or mikveh
    – it only involves the ‘dry hump’ method used by Chabad child molester Mendel Tevel
    – a drag queen with a very LARGE donation wants to attend a Chabad shul or event.

    It’s amazing how Chabad finds tolerance for gays in such cases!

  2. The guy is a brain washed moron. I wonder how many closet gays and adulterers there are that go to shul and daven everyday. I thought we are all “God’s children”. I guess he also sides with the nut job in Israel that shot people at the Gay Pride parade.

  3. “chabad fundamentalism”?!?!? Is this for real?!? I am all for intellectual honesty and for calling out anyone on racism and hate. However, posting a video of a noticeably brain dead creep who questionably has an IQ of 50 and portraying it negatively towards chabatzkers in general speaks of this websites true colors. No different than failedmessiah. Pure unadulterated hate of frum jews. Period !

    • @fred, did you read the article? You seem to have missed the point. There was no generalities in the article. If this is how you define hate then you might want to start reading Maurice Sendak.

  4. I connected to Lubavitch 25 years ago. I’ve seen many things in Chabad that are sadly in need of improvement. Trust me, I’m not looking at the movement through rose colored glasses.

    I appreciate what this site is doing. I think it is important to point out the moral and ethical failings of the ‘ultra-orthodox’ world so that we can look at what is most ugly in ourselves and work on improving it. However, a question was asked in the sub-title of the article whether these thoughts are shared by other Lubavitchers. I felt it was important to give an honest answer.

    I agree with you, there are probably other extremists in Lubavitch that share this poisonous attitude. But if you think this is how most Lubavitchers feel, you must not know many of us on a personal level. There are extremists everywhere. This guy would have been an extremist whether or not he had Chabad to hang it on.

    Deciding you know what an entire group thinks is dangerously close to the kind of close minded attitude of the person in the video.

    • Still figuring out how the comments work here. This was supposed to a reply to the response by woolsilkcotton.

      • @Yirmiyahu Harrison: sorry about the order of the comments. We have not figured out how to group them to reply to one another, despite efforts on our end to make them more cohesive. We hope to have that ironed out. We might suggest that you name the person to whom you are responding to make up for our lack of WP savvy. Thanks.

    • @Yirmiyahu Harrison – we very specifically asked the question regarding whether this is unique or a general methodology and left it open to the readers, commenters, contributors to provide responses. We in our own lives have met some delightful members of the Chabad community. But, we have learned, through our blog, to consider the possibility that there might be more to the person and his or her belief system than meets the eye. Call it cynicism. This article and the ones that both preceded and followed are about a rabid form of fundamentalism. Our fear (those of us writing and editing) is that we are seeing more radical fundamentalism, an increase in that ideology, than a decrease. This must even to you be quite unsettling. Thank you for your comments. They are appreciated.

      • @LostMessiah – I agree with you about the growth of repressive, fundamentalist attitudes among the ultra-orthodox today. It is a serious threat to the living, dynamic debate about what G-d wants from us, that which has been the unique voice of the Jewish people for thousands of years. Until the last few generations, we have managed to be a deeply religious people without becoming rigidly fundamentalist.

        That is why I wanted to answer your original question from an ‘insider’ Lubavitch perspective. While there are veins of extremism in Lubavitch, they are mainly the radical fringe that most of us think are crazy. They are definitely NOT the normative community. Lubavitch benefits immensely from its regular contact with non-Lubavitchers. Unlike more insular groups, this contact keeps most of Lubavitcher in touch with modern values and attitudes. However, even within Lubavitch you have those that chose to cut themselves off from the rest of the non-furm, non-Jewish world. And this isolation shows itself in their ignorance and regressive attitudes.

        Finally, I wanted to say, since this is the first time I’ve posted here, how much I appreciate the tone of your comments. Like your articles, they are intelligent, sensitive and well thought out. Keep up the good work.

        • @Yirmiahu, thank you. Your responses also reflect both sensitivity and education. Perhaps if more like you spoke out, brought out the best in a given community all of Judaism would be healthier for it. Disappointingly, we are working on a piece regarding some of the same abuses of children which are incurring within your (Chabad Leibavitch) community as those within the Satmar community and similar cover-ups. It is our hope that you and those like you will read our work and comment and perhaps assist in finding solutions. If you have information or insight we will use it respectfully. Our goal is to help make the Jewish world a better one, regardless of the type of Jew. Again thanks.

          • It certainly would be great if cooler and more rational minds within the community would rise up to deal with the myriad issues they are facing. However, given the apparent lack of action by “mainstream” Chabad against the neo-Christianity that has festered and grown for over 20 years, I wouldn’t count on it.

    • I appreciate your thoughtful response.

      I’m sure that 99.999% of Lubavitchers would not commit any violence upon gays, or even say anything hurtful directly to a gay person.
      Nevertheless, the negativity regular expressed about gays, especially in closed circles, is very real. Whether it’s in shul, at a Shabbos table after the kids are off to sleep, or by the anonymous posters on or VIN, the hate is there, it’s real, it’s ugly, and it’s pervasive.

      Most Lubavitchers I know are indeed nice people, as long as the topic of homosexuality isn’t brought up.

      • I agree. There are a lot of regressive attitudes there if you scratch beneath the surface. But in that regard, I don’t think Lubavitch differs much from the rest of the world. We all have a lot of growing to do in our tolerance and sensitivity to those who are different from us.

        Oh, and judging a group by the contents of its Comments Section is like judging a neighborhood by what’s in its sewers. Not the best place to look to get a truly representative view. 🙂

        • Yirmiyahu Harrison,

          “But in that regard, I don’t think Lubavitch differs much from the rest of the world. We all have a lot of growing to do in our tolerance and sensitivity to those who are different from us.”

          You’re quite correct. Chabad Lubavitchers are no different than the rest of the world in this regard. But, they put on a false image of piety, wave around a Torah, preach a load of Chasidic marketing claptrap, and act as if they’re God’s chosen representatives while constantly condemning “the goyim.”. Consider that, and they’re of lower quality than the rest of the world they badmouth in their synagogues. Complete phonies. Ugh, make that money-grabbing, messianist phonies.

  5. This attitude is abhorrent. It is not an expression of what Chabad thinks. It is the expression of a single, sick mind. The Lubavitcher Rebbe encouraged us to love all Jews. There were no conditions placed on this love. The Rebbe did not tell us to first check to see if that Jew has done anything that goes against the Torah and only then are they worthy of love. The Rebbe sought to counter the baseless hatred of the Nazi regime, that did not differentiate between one Jew and the next, by insisting on a love that was without exception.

    • Please, get your head out of the sand. You are obviously a relatively new Baal Tshuvah who is drinking the Kool Aid.

      The only difference between this guy and the rest of Chabadniks is that he’s more open about it.

      The ultra-orthodox of all faiths share the same hatred of gays. Just how violent they get about it is only a question of how far they’re willing to act out their feelings.

  6. Wow! Chabad fundamentalism has been well-documented in Israel, but this is the first I’ve seen of it in the U.S. Stay away from your local Chabad House, people.

    • Is he really Chabad? Who was he addressing?

      He seems to ignore the fact that there are gays within the community

    • Haha!
      “Well, Mrs. Ultraortho, we have good news and bad news.”
      “Vhat, vhat, baruch Hashem, give me the good news foist!”
      “The good news is it’s a boy AND you won’t have to pay for yeshiva because…the bad news is he’s already all dick.”

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