Frum Monsey Residents – Lawsuits Against Developer



For First Time, Frum Monsey Residents File Lawsuit Against Frum Developer

In the first action of its kind in Rockland County, New York, a group of frum residents in Monsey have brought a lawsuit against a frum developer with the approval of daas Torah, seeking a stop work order, an injunction against further building and other relief, has learned. 

The action was brought in New York Supreme Court in Putnam County against Town of Ramapo Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence, Chief Building Inspector Anthony Mallia and the owner/developer of the property, Viola Gardens, LLC.

The suit alleges that the owner, builder and other professionals behind Viola Gardens are intentionally constructing the condominium project, named Viola Estates and situated on Viola Road across from Ramapo High School, in violation of local zoning, building and other laws.
The alleged violations include exceeding the maximum density allowed by law and illegally building double or triple the number of apartments approved by the town.
Plaintiffs, three neighbors of the project, reluctantly brought suit after trying unsuccessfully to resolve these issues directly with the developer, who refused to build in compliance with the downzoning he already received from the town, and after the town and building inspector failed to act to enforce the laws.
A complaint was also filed with the NY Attorney General, who oversees all condominium projects in the state.

3 thoughts on “Frum Monsey Residents – Lawsuits Against Developer

  1. A few months ago the town sold property near Manny Welder Park and the frum residents were against it. They wanted the acreage to remain as park land. Unfortunately I think they lost their lawsuit. Now of course we know why St. Lawrence was so hot to sell town owned property. A lot of frum people who live in Rockland for decades don’t like the congestion. I wonder how many variances the planning board approved for this Viola Estates. When I moved up here over 30 years ago the Town of Ramapo was beautiful not so any more.

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