Seabrook – Platinum Partners – David Bodner and de Blasio Should not Be far Behind… Today’s Arrests



LostMessiah, June 8, 2016

We have reported on the connections between Norman Seabrook, David Bodner, Murray Huberfeld and Platinum Partners. We have also reported on the connection between Jona Rechnitz, the others and diamond smuggling but that is not part of this investigation, at least as far as we can see.  

Landa, Phillips , Fensterman and others are also connected to Platinum so it remains to be seen what will be their fate. For now, we are reporting on today’s news and basking in a small sense of victory.


News Channel 7 is reporting:


Norman Seabrook and hedge fund financier Murray Huberfeld were arrested Wednesday morning in connection with a federal corruption investigation.

The two are charged with one count of honest services wire fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit honest services wire fraud. They will appear Wednesday in federal court in Lower Manhattan.

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara is expected to discuss the arrests at a news conference at 12:30 p.m.

The investigation predates the ongoing corruption probes in the New York City Police Department and the city government.

However, one of the Brooklyn businessmen at the central of the investigation, Jona Rechnitz, is believed to have referred Seabrook to Huberfeld.

According to the criminal complaint, Seabrook received “hundreds of thousands of dollars” in bribes in exchange for his investment of Correction Officer Benevolent Association money into Huberfeld’s Platinum Partners, a Manhattan hedge fund.

In 2014, the complaint says, Seabrook directed a total of $20 million of COBA money to Platinum. After both COBA and Platinum were subpoenaed in 2015, no further money was invested.

Seabrook traveled with former New York City Police Department Chief of Department Philip Banks and the two Brooklyn businessmen at the center of the current corruption investigation. They traveled to Israel and the Dominican Republic.

The complaint says that while in the Dominican Republic in 2013, and after he had been drinking, Seabrook complained to a confidential witness, who already pleaded guilty and is cooperating with the federal government, that he worked hard to invest COBA money and didn’t get anything personally from it.

Seabrook said it was time that “Norman Seabrook got paid.”

The complaint says, the confidential witnesses set up the arrangement with Huberfeld, Seabrook responded by asking, “How much is Norman Seabrook going to get paid?”

On Dec 11, 2014, the confidential witnesses went to Salvatore Ferragamo, described as “Seabrook’s favorite luxury goods store in Manhattan,” and purchased “an expensive bag” for Seabrook, it says. The confidential witnesses placed $60,000 in cash in the Ferragamo bag and gave it to Seabrook. Seabrook “was angry that it was not as much money as he was initially promised.”

Huberfeld has prior arrests, including a 1993 fraud conviction. He also had to settle a separate action with the SEC in 1998. His hedge fund is based in New York.

Union representatives did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

There was no immediate information on an attorney who could comment on Huberfeld’s behalf.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


5 thoughts on “Seabrook – Platinum Partners – David Bodner and de Blasio Should not Be far Behind… Today’s Arrests

  1. Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away… Jews of all stripes and persuasions, Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, knew that being an informer, being a moser, is the lowest of the low.

    It just was not done, Jew vs. Jew. Cosa Nostra’s omerta couldn’t hold a candle against the ingrained prohibition of informing against fellow Jew.

    While in the old country Jewish courts have issued the Jewish equivalent of fatwas against these mosrim, as in antisemitic Europe a Jew sitting in jail was equivalent to a possible death sentence……..

    In our last generation this has gone completely by the wayside, and the authorities have figured it out and capitalized on it. Sometimes even the threat of one year of jail time, will make the most pious spill the beans and cause scores of his “friends” to be incarcerated for cumulative decades.

    J RECHNITZ now joins the unholy pantheon.


    • well, you are right, and this is really bad with the sexual abuse issue, where for some reason the messirah law was thrown out the window, so every OTD loser(not to take away the legitimacy of real victims, but alot of times its bogus and overblown ( because the rebbe touched me so he is a rodef etc etc and my whole life was ruined so im allowed to report him and ruin his life…)

      BTW the shomrim guys are big big mossrim, they have no problem making up stories on people, they are actually worse, a mosser atleast reports a true crime, which is also forbidden to do because its messirah, unless where permitted(truly permitted not because some website said so), but these guys make up stories, if it helps them enforce their power over the person, if a father complains to the shomrim that a guy is friends with his daughter and he has a problem with it, the shomrim would gladly report to the cops that the guy is harassing this girl, and stories like these abound


  2. Everyone should know everything come from jona rachnitz he be came a informer guys stay away from this dangerous guys


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