34 Children and 2 Adults Rescued in Harrowing Incident on the coastline near Dover in Kent


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Saved by their mobile phones: Dozens of Jewish teenagers from London are rescued after using their handsets as distress beacons when trapped by the rising tide below the White Cliffs of Dover

A group of 34 Jewish schoolchildren got trapped on a beach as the tide rushed in during a disastrous hike last night but managed to guide in lifeboats and a rescue helicopter by waving their lit-up phones.

The teenagers, believed to be from Stamford Hill in north London, were stuck on a stretch of coastal path below the White Cliffs of Dover, known for deadly rock falls.

Extraordinary footage taken from a helicopter shows the lost students frantically waving their mobiles at a 50-string RNLI rescue team while clambering around below treacherous cliffs as the tide rushed in.

The hiking party, which included two adults, raised the alarm with Kent Police at around 9pm after becoming disorientated as they followed a coastal path between St Margaret’s Bay and Dover Harbour.

RNLI rescuer Mark Finnis said today that the students were in ‘high spirits’ when they were picked up but within two hours they would have drowned while locals said the trek they attempted was so perilous master adventurer Bear Grylls would be too scared to try it.

The group, led by two adults, appear to have ignored several signs saying: ‘The public are warned not to proceed beyond the beach because of the possibility of cliff falls and of being cut off by the rising tide.’

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Stranded 34 children trapped by rising tides were ‘incredibly lucky’ to be saved in daring nighttime rescue

Thirty-four children dramatically rescued from a rising tide in a daring nighttime rescue by the RNLI are ‘incredibly lucky’ to have not been seriously injured or worse.

The group of 34 Jewish teenagers and two adults – from Stamford Hill in North London – were plucked from danger on the coastline near Dover in Kent late last night.

They are described as “just friends (who) decided to group together and go for a day trip”.

Five of the group were rescued by a search and rescue helicopter while the rest were rescued by teams on three lifeboats after children used their mobile phones as beacons.

Dover RNLI Coxswain Mark Finnis said the group were less than TWO HOURS from being swept out to sea when they were rescued.

He said after the rescue: “I don’t think they realised the situation they could have been in, say less than a couple of hours later.

“There was rising tide there and the water level goes right up to the cliff face. So they would have had real problems.”

He added they would have walked past nine warning signs during their walk.

Around 40 volunteers were involved in the large scale operation. Most of the group were plucked from the beach after descending from cliffs and becoming trapped by the rising sea water.

Several more of the ‘hiking party’ became separated from the main group and were eventually located and rescued off rocks – despite rescuers having to operate in a ‘nasty swell’.





  1. They had cellphones with lights? Do the non-smartphone cellphones really come with built in lights these days?

  2. This is the fifth or sixth similar incident over the years, all involving parties (numbering 15 – 80+) of Haredi kids needing to be rescued from mountains, moors etc in the UK. One Beis Yaakov school was prosecuted and fined. Common to every incident are comments from the rescue teams about the irresponsibility of the adults concerned, who take children on these hazardous “hikes” with no preparation, equipment or awareness of the dangers involved. This is probably a result of a variety of unworldly, ‘the rules don’t apply to us” and “as long as we are ‘careful’ nothing can happen” attitudes. But what is INEXCUSABLE is that after years of such incidents, no-one has bothered to take note and institute safety and supervision protocols at these dysfunctional schools. The “adults” “in charge” (two adults for 34 kids…) should be a) sacked b) prosecuted.

    But also – if you don’t teach geography, don’t teach environment, weather science etc etc then neither adults nor children will understand or appreciate what it means to go clambering over rocks on the sea shore, under the cliffs, as the tide is rising…….

  3. Two words to describe the teachers: Arrogant and Ignorant. NINE signs they disregarded!!! They were playing with children’s lives. Do they really believe they are invincible to nature’s dangers because they are so ‘holy’? This was a tremendous chilul Hashem any way you look at it – read the UK newspaper blogs if you don’t agree.

      • they actually also believe that the rescuers only true purpose in life is to wait around for opportunities to rescue them EXACTLY because they are so holy. For them this event was the perfect example if how Gd created a perfect symbiotic relationship.

  4. Every year a similar story. Last year the imbeciles got lost up a mountain in freezing temperatures, wearing summer clothes.
    Uneducated peasants with no responsibility (or ability to read)

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