NBC News – Blockbusting in Rockland


NBC News Reports On Blockbusting In Rockland.


In an earlier post – Hasidic Demand For Rockland County Housing Is “Causing A Housing Crisis Like Never Seen Before” – we asked how our Hasidic neighbors in Orange County, where 93% of the population in Kiryas Joel is receiving Medicaid and other government services, can afford to live in modern housing and annex acres of land for expansion.

We pointed out that while the ‘poverty’ situation is not yet that bad in Rockland County as in Kiryas Joel, it is climbing rapidly such that in Monsey and Spring Valley, the percentage of the population receiving Temporary Assistance, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (aka food stamps) and Medicaid is now 62% and 53% respectively even though the adults and children are beautifully dressed and show no visible signs of malnutrition.

As of the writing our earlier post has reached 154,000 people, been shared over 1,100 times and has over 300 comments all of whom are wondering how this can be occurring?


We have asked why demand for houses in Rockland County by residents from New Square and Monsey has reached a fever pitch that it is driving realtors to knock on residents’ doors and ask if they want to sell and get out now while the cash is flowing and the ‘going’ is good?

In our earlier post Yossi Gestneter, a self-styled spokesperson for the Hasidic community, admitted that the Hasidic population could make cash offers to buy homes in targeted areas of Rockland saying somewhat incoherently:

“These same people complain about the Hasidim going out there and offer hefty prices for houses and want to move out”.

We wonder how any Rockland County community – in which there is a ‘poverty’ rate of over 50% requiring lifelong ‘temporary’ assistance, food stamps, and Medicaid – has money freely available to its members to offer non-Hasidic homeowners cash if they would just get up, get out, and go somewhere else.

Now NBC News 4 in New York has picked up our reports of this ultra-Orthodox blockbusting and specifically mentions the incident published on Facebook of two blockbusting Weichert Realtors. Further, on WRCR this morning Naomi Streicher of Realty Teams was heard to ridicule people putting no-knock signs on their property saying that it was ‘not nice’.

One question we have is where is all of this money to purchases properties is coming from? We suspect that the couples coming to view homes are actually representing LLCs and that when homes are bought by these LLCs they are then rented out until neighborhood property values decline.

What we have heard on WRCR is that home prices in Rockland County are rising somewhat but that multiple offers are being placed on homes in Ramapo and they are all snapped up instantly. That defies all the laws of economics where multiple offers on homes drives prices skyward in short order. Why is that not happening in Rockland County?

Clearly there is need for a major investigation of what is going on in the real estate market in Ramapo, Clarkstown and Pearl River. The basic questions that needs to be answered are:

1) Are LLCs buying an unusually large amount of homes and renting them until sufficient homes have been purchased to move in ultra-Orthodox families and force the remaining residents out?

2) What is the source of the money being used for “cash” purchases?

3) What criminal actions are going to be taken against realtors practicing blockbusting?

In our opinion it is time for the Rockland County government to do an immediate study of the practices of realtors in Rockland County and determine why stories of blockbusting in Rockland are now becoming national news.

If you agree please let our elected officials know by your comments below.

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2 thoughts on “NBC News – Blockbusting in Rockland

  1. It will never stop until they start using the same tactics. Send ‘outsiders’ knocking on doors in KJ or ‘Jewland’ aka NS, offering to buy. Approach brokers and demand to see properties in insular areas. Better yet, open a gofundme page to start an LLC to buy a property in those areas and rent it to ‘outsiders’. Promise investors a percentage of the profits when the house is resold but of course it wont be possible to buy the house in the first place so file a complaint with a federal agency.

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