Leiby Kletsky – Shaya Lichtenstein, Forever Linked by Murder


“Thou Shalt Not Kill” – Each and Every Member of the Shomrim The Night that Kletzky Disappeared is Complicit in His Brutal Murder and Subsequent Dismemberment


פיקוח נפש

The Saving of One’s Life

“The preservation of human life takes precedence over all the other commandments in Judaism. The Talmud emphasizes this principle by citing the verse from Leviticus [18:5]: “You shall therefore keep my statutes…which if a man do, he shall live by them.” The rabbis add: “That he shall live by them, and not that he shall die by them.” (Babylonian Talmud, Yoma 85b)”


The case of Leiby Kletzky (zl.) is one that has haunted many of us for years. He is the victim of a system that prides itself on secrecy beyond all else. That system cares not for the safety of its children, the sexual abuses,  the deplorable conditions in which many children learn, the abuses of women who want a divorce from their husbands and so many other things, because such things are trumped by the obsessive need for secrecy. There is a measure of hypocrisy in a system of beliefs that can set aside the life of a child to protect a community’s secrets. There is a measure of complacence and even complicity. 

Leiby Kletzky (zl.) is also the victim of a system built upon a foundation of corruption, a corruption that runs so deep it is like the blood flowing through the veins of a community that seems to know nothing different. The Shomrim are supposed to be the “protectors” from the Hebrew root Shin Mem Resh – Shmer – protection or Shomer protector. A Shomer Rosh is a body guard. Lshmor is to protect. In the Leiby Kletzky case, the Shomrim did not protect Kletzky but rather destroyed him. Kletzky’s face is the portrait of a boy whose life was a tool within the greater passing around of the spoils of corruption and high finance that pervade Borough Park, CB12 and the NYPD responsible for that precinct. May that beautiful, special and innocent child be forever a lesson to the community of Borough Park, the devout Jews who follow the Torah not necessarily in letter but in spirit; and a lesson to those Jews who call themselves devout but who bastardize the tenets of Judaism for their own personal gain. Leiby Kletzky flies in the face of the spirit of G-d’s laws and represents the perversion some have made of it.

In the case of Leiby Kletzky (zl.), a young boy who had a whole life to live, suffering a brutal death was at the hands of his community, each and every person who refused to get the civil police department involved, who refused to report the situation and perhaps get more hands on deck. His parents are victims also. They must live a life forever altered by the death of a child. Parents are not supposed to outlive their children. To them we offer our unending condolences, our everlasting hope for peace of mind and spirit.

For Leiby Kletzky (zl.) we hope one day to be a part of a vindication we believe you so desperately deserve. You deserved better from your insular community. You deserved to live a long and happy life. We hope to ensure that those who have been prey to the wrongs of your community also get the vindication they deserve: the children who are abused, the children who study in deplorable conditions,  the children who are denied an education that might offer them choices, the parents who are often denied their children in rigged custody battles, the elderly who suffer abuse at the hands of unscrupulous nursing home owners drugged by dollar signs ringing through their heads. May you know, may they know, that we are trying to make a better world.

EXCLUSIVE: Brooklyn security patrol, organized by man indicted in NYPD gun permit scandal, delayed in notifying cops of boy’s 2011 kidnapping


In the hours after 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky disappeared in Borough Park, Brooklyn, a key figure in the heavily Jewish neighborhood’s security patrol coordinated the effort to find him.

Shaya Lichtenstein, 44, wrangled some 2,000 civilian volunteers as a member of the Borough Park Shomrim in a desperate attempt to locate Leiby, who was kidnapped as he walked home from a day camp on July 11, 2011.

He was found dismembered two days later, and Levi Aron was charged with his murder.

After Leiby’s family reported him missing, the Shomrim did not notify the NYPD for three hours. Despite the tensions stemming from that delay, the long-cozy relationship between members of the Orthodox community, including the Shomrim, and the NYPD remained intact.

Another NYPD high-ranking cop punished in corruption probe

Lichtenstein was indicted in April on allegations that he bribed police officers to obtain gun permits for clients who paid as much as $18,000 for his services. He was able to get permits within a few weeks, when it usually takes more than a year.

kletskyBorough Park Shomrim bypassed the NYPD for three hours as they searched for Leiby Kletzky, who was found dismembered two days later.

In some instances, Lichtenstein paid off the cops in the very offices of the gun licensing division with thousands of dollars hidden in copies of the newspaper, a source familiar with the case said.

“That’s partly how it was done, right in their faces,” the source said.

The NYPD declined to comment.

Lichtenstein’s ties with ranking police officials extended well beyond his close relationship with cops in the gun licensing unit, sources said. He parlayed that access into the ability to do favors for members of the Jewish community.



6 thoughts on “Leiby Kletsky – Shaya Lichtenstein, Forever Linked by Murder

  1. Im missing something in Hershy’s comments and in the LM response:
    This is not MERELY a case of a guy who bribed police officers. What he did with the money he made off these ‘deals’ is almost irrelevant. (Allegedly) the bribes got gun permits for people who presumably would not have gotten them themselves. Why else would they have paid thousands of dollars for a permit they could get themselves for thousands less? Too impatient to wait? Not likely. Gun permits are difficult to get for good reason. They are limited for good reason. These were not permits to buy too much candy in the local candy store. Why have we not heard who got the permits and if they are being revoked??


  2. Mr author your a stupid fuck! You don’t know any of the details! don’t write a whole article about something that you have no idea about the details of why they didn’t want the police involved,you have no fuckin idea who Shaya Lichtenstein is,and you have no fuckin idea how many people,families,abuse cases….he has helped. He is a person that’s always there to help others in any given situation. DONT EVER TALK SO NEGATIVE ABOUT SOMEONE YOU HAVE ZERO KNOWLEDGE OF!! Shame on you rot in hell you filthy pig!!


    • @Hershy, your comments reflected a lack of class, utterly and totally devoid of it. Have you seen any comments on these pages that are so devoid of common decency? Have you seen anyone on these pages be equally as disrespectful? What does that say about you? At least you have a command of the English language such that your use of its colorful four-letter words are part of your lexicon. You have just won the prize for the most useless post on these pages and we have about 810,000 views so far – quite the prize. Shaya Lichtenstein has been a criminal, bribing to obtain gun licenses. He is an opportunist who has profited from activities that are questionable, to put it nicely. If those licenses have been used to buy guns that blow to bits the schlongs of rapists and child abusers, perhaps he has been helpful and that is only perhaps. Hopefully there is a special place in hell for people who stand by and watch while child molesters, rapists and opportunistic ponzi schemers commit their crimes. Hopefully there is an even more special place in hell for those who know its happening and turn their heads or ignore the activities of their own – that place to be shared with the criminals themselves. Thankfully, we will not be in that place. You go right ahead and hurl insults and slang words befitting someone who is both disrespectful and uneducated. We, on the other hand will just keep writing away…


      • Ok I’m sorry for coming off on the wrong foot. It just really upset me that you speak of someone who litterally spends most of his life on helping people from the simple goodness of his enormous heart. For example: He put many child abusers behind bars,helped kids who weren’t accepted in yeshivas get accepted,gave away most of his money to people in need of it. Even after his arrest he continues to be there for people when they are in need. I promise you that you have a completely wrong idea of who this man is,and for your information it wasn’t the nypd who found the murder in the kletzky case. It was one of shayas volunteers. Have you ever even met the guy? Or you just saw an article on the daily news,and made an impulsive judgement on him that he’s from the corrupt Jews in our society. Cuz if you did,trust me your making a huge mistake and I can back this with proof and facts.


        • @Hershy – Thank you. If you read the articles from our pages, the Shomrim are not really entirely praiseworthy either. Robin Hood stole from the rich to give to the poor. There was something to be said for that. There was an honor amongst thieves. The Shomrim, not so much. According to legend, Robin Hood kept very little for himself. If you are bribing police officers for thousands of dollars, giving tzedukkah means nothing, in our view, if you are keeping most of it. And, that entire sentence is really mitigated and gently stated. The man of whom you speak lives in lavish surroundings in the area in which he lives which diminishes the credence of your comments. He is not some humble person who steals, bribes, whatevers, and then gives it all away, far from it. If he helps anyone, it is the very least he could be doing. A heart, quite frankly, is only so good as the blood that it pumps. This guy, like many others, has corrupt blood running through his veins.


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