Agudath Israel Head Opposes SOL Reform or Going Straight to Police about CSA While Complaining that Bloggers Lie about Haredi Rabbis

About Bloggers: “They are mazikim (wreckers) as well, those who are always ready to accuse us, to criticize us, out of a disrespect for Torah, for its values, for its principles, and as to how questions are decided- al pi daas Torah (according to the opinion of the leading ultra orthodox rabbis)” We encourage bloggers to continue on their mission, our collective mission, to shed light on the indiscretions of an isolationist and highly insular community. We can say it no better than the author of Frum Follies. We encourage you to listen, read the transcript and the commentary and continue blogging.

FRUM FOLLIES by Yerachmiel Lopin

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about the latest pronouncements about child sex abuse by Agudath Israel of America’s lead figure, the Novominsker Rebbe, Rabbi Yaakov Perlow, on Sunday, May 26th at the Annual Convention of Torah Umesorah, the national umbrella organization for ultra orthodox Jewish schools. Below is a full transcript of the videotaped talk with translations in parentheses and my annotations below each section.

One of the problems that we are facing, more today, that we weren’t aware of, and it has to be mentioned, for a number of reasons, is the abuse of young people, b’oifengufni (physical abuse) and molestation, al d’avoinoseinu harabim (which because of our many sins), have gotten into our tzibur (community).

Rabbi Yaakov Perlow (RYP) is dishonest in claiming they were not aware if the problem for decades. In fact he participated in the cover-up of the…

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4 thoughts on “Agudath Israel Head Opposes SOL Reform or Going Straight to Police about CSA While Complaining that Bloggers Lie about Haredi Rabbis

  1. It`s a question of a different reality. The Novominkser Rebbe doesn`t read blogs. He doesn`t even read real newspapers. His entire knowledge of the world is based on maxims from the gemara and the Pravda-style news he reads in The Yated. In that reality bloggers are evil, real abusers in the frum community are far and few between and concealing the problem is the moral solution. Given that background his speech is not unexpected.

  2. Its actually amazing how he can fan a crowd of thousands and blatantly lie to then and call others ליצני הדור. I think he should look in a mirror and repeat the speech to himself, and then maybe he willl see the true לץ of the דור

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