NYPD – The Wrecked Career Body Count Rises Amid Federal Probe


Two more high-ranking NYPD officers retire amid federal corruption probe


The ongoing probe into NYPD corruption has claimed two more careers.

Deputy Chief Eric Rodriguez, the former executive officer at Patrol Borough Brooklyn South, and Deputy Chief Andrew Capul, the former second in command at Patrol Borough Manhattan North, both filed for retirement on Tuesday, law enforcement sources said.

The two high ranking officers were reassigned to other departments when their names came up in the gifts-for-favors probe focusing on Orthodox Jewish businessmen Jeremy Reichberg and Jona Rechnitz, crooked gun broker Shaya Lichtenstein and Hamlet Peralta, the one-time owner of the Hudson River Cafe who was charged in April for running a $12 million Ponzi scheme.

Last week two other cops named in the probe, Deputy Chief David Colon and Deputy Inspector James Grant, put in their papers.

NYPD cop Michael Milici fired, first cop axed in corruption probe

So far, 11 cops — including several inspectors and chiefs — have been either transferred or stripped of their guns and shields in the ongoing investigation.

Roy Richter, the president of the NYPD’s Captain’s Endowment Association, said none of the cops filing for retirement are targets of the probe.

“No one has filed for service retirement with administrative charges pending or has been identified by federal investigators as a target of their investigation,” Richter said.


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