Rockland County – Resisting Inspections Over Keeping Children Safe

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“Nobody wants to put our children in danger,” the yeshivah head said. … We live for our children.”

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Rockland County Executive Ed Day, Do you not Understand? Any criticism you levy against any aspect to life within the ultra-Orthodox community makes you an anti-Semite? That’s the catch-all…

May 1, 2016

Rockland County Executive Ed Day has become quite the controversial character in the drama that has evolved into Rockland County’s efforts at weeding out corruption, whether within the ultra-Orthodox community or otherwise. He has become an adversary of the ultra-Orthodox community leaders who want to continue status quo. His creative approach at demanding accountability and meeting certain standards which require the community to: provide equal and safe housing, education for public and private school children alike,  financial accountability within his administration and those he overseas within the County, and payment of back taxes have not made him popular among the ultra-Orthodox leaders or their minions. We, however, applaud him.

It goes without say that if County Executive Ed Day were a Jew he’d be labeled a self-hating Jew; instead he gets the title of  anti-Semite, the catch-all moniker for anyone who criticizes the ultra-Orthodox. Unfortunately in the comedy of errors that make up Rockland County politics, religious and otherwise, anti-Semite has little meaning. Either you are with the ultra-Orthodox or against them and if you are against them, you are a goi, a shiksa, a mamzer, an anti-Semite.

Executive Ed Day wants children within the East Ramapo Central School District educated under New York’s “substantially similar” standard. If they are going to be receiving state funding they should comply with State mandates. He’s an anti-Semite. Executive Ed Day wants back taxes paid for properties that have accumulated years of back taxes. He’s an anti-Semite. Executive Ed Day wants zoning enforcement. He’s an anti-Semite. He wants inspections of Yeshivas which to date have not been accountable to anyone. He’s an anti-Semite. He wants to protect the children within these insular communities whose leaders are so interested in their insular and controlled way of life they are willing to trample on any state and local laws. He is an anti-Semite. Sadly, were a major tragedy to occur, a fire killing thousands of children, a foreseeable event given the conditions of some of these Yeshivas, he would also be an anti-Semite. Likely that would be added to the charge of child-hater after young children were removed in body-bags.

There is likely nothing that Ed Day could do to become anything less than a goi (non Jew) and chazer (pig) to the ultra-Orthodox looking to protect their way of life, who trample on the rights of an entire generation of children, who defraud the government out of tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax dollars and remain above the law with complete and total impunity.

County Executive Ed Day CANNOT BE PURCHASED. You may not like his methods but finding someone who stays outside the fray of the easily corruptible is a refreshing change in Rockland County. Rockland Yeshivas don’t seem to think so…


Would you want your children studying under the conditions of the two yeshivas photographed here?

Rockland Yeshivos’ Coalition Resists ‘Unauthorized’ Inspections

From a post in

Lynch points out that state education law “does not identify, and instead notably omits, the County as an authorized inspector. Instead, New York State Education Law … only authorizes inspection by the County at the invitation of the school administrator. Please be advised no SRFC school administrator has authorized any such inspections.”

One of Day’s four inspectors paid a visit to a yeshivah in Pomona on Tuesday, the first day of their authorization. The administrator refused him entry, brandishing a letter from Lynch that “any and all communications shall only be through … our attorney.”

“Kindly also note the attached letter where it confirms there is no consent to any inspections at this time. … Any trespass on school property will result in appropriate civil rights legal action being filed immediately. Be guided accordingly.”

“Do you know I can close down the yeshivah?” the inspector threatened before leaving.

Two heads of local yeshivos say that the township’s school buildings are safe. Day, they told Hamodia with the request that their names not be printed, has an ultimate goal of gaining control over the local school system in order to stem the growth of the community.

This, they say, is borne out by his numerous social-media postings and the anti-Semitic comments that he refuses to correct.

“We can’t stop them, but we can and must try to slow their growth down,” Day is on record as saying.

“We have no problem whatsoever with any inspections — we actually welcome it,” one head of a large Monsey yeshivah said. “But not Ed Day. Because Ed Day has a history of hate and animosity targeting the Orthodox community through social media. How can you have a person like that in charge of inspections?”

At the request of Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski (D-New City), MaryEllen Elia, the education commissioner, deputized Rockland inspectors to ensure conditions at the schools are safe. This comes a month after the suspension of Ramapo Fire Inspector Adam Peltz, who was accused of signing off on shoddy inspections. He was demoted and put on desk duty.

The yeshivah representatives say that Day has blown the issue out of proportion. Most of the 49 schools that were placed under Day’s inspection have safe records. The problem was that they did not sign and return a standard form verifying that they comply with state fire safety law.

The form must be filled out by any fire official and the state has never acknowledged receiving it. Therefore, a significant majority of schools, both public and private, statewide, have grown lax in submitting it.

A state official, according to one of the yeshivah heads, said that “I doubt if 700” schools — out of about 1,200 across the state — sent it in. The official said that schools in the Ramapo zip code have a higher percentage of reports given in than in the state overall.

As for the fire safety violations, most of the citations have been for non-fire related issues — shrubbery around the buildings, for example. Only four schools failed fire inspections, although none of the violations would mandate them to be shut down.

One of the schools is a yeshivah for mentally disabled children, which is located in an old shul building built 46 years ago. There were several exits, one of which was shut with a deadbolt, which is illegal.

The yeshivah head said that the locks had been broken. They had ordered a piece of hardware to fix it but were nervous that in the meantime, leaving it open may allow a child to run out. So they shut it with a deadbolt for the day.

The day of the inspection.

Another school was found with a sprinkler system that wasn’t working. The inspector said that even though they didn’t need it — there was another system operable — the law requires every sprinkler system to be in full operation.

Back in April, the yeshivah coalition issued a statement, distributed through Agudath Israel of America, pledging their “full cooperation” with inspectors from the state.

“We believe that the large majority of our institutions are in fact safe, and in full compliance with applicable fire and safety standards,” the statement said. “However, to the extent that there are any deficiencies in this regard, we will take all necessary steps to work with the Town to address those deficiencies. The physical safety of our precious students and staff are of paramount importance to us, and must never be compromised in any way.”

To read the full article, please read the following:


2 thoughts on “Rockland County – Resisting Inspections Over Keeping Children Safe

  1. “Would you want your children studying under the conditions of the two yeshivas photographed here?”

    Any parent who goes to register their child in NYS in 2016 and doesn’t run the other way upon seeing those classrooms is clearly mentally challenged. They are either operating on the intelligence level of a child themselves or raised from birth in the ways of the brainwashing cult.

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