Child Abuse Allegations Plague the Hasidic Community (with Focus on Chabad)

On May 31, 2016 one of our readers asked us to delve more deeply into the Chabad community, with a particular focus on the West Coast. Admittedly, we have fewer contributors from that side of the country. We came across this article and decided to start here. To all of our readers, please send along any information you may have. We would be grateful. In the meantime, to our fellow bloggers, a warm thanks.


I’m sorry that posting has been light this week.  I’ve been doing something that many haredim feel is a pointless endeavor, working to make a living.  I received a great opportunity that’s going to keep me very busy with work for the next few weeks (yea!).CHABAD-CSA

However, a reader sent in a link that is very important to share.  Please circulate it through email, posting on other blogs, and through social media.  No need to cite this blog.  The article is what needs the exposure, so please share the direct link:

Newsweek  has a very thorough exposé on child sexual abuse (CSA) in hasidic and haredi communities examining several cases of abuse; with a special focus on Chabad and their school Oholei Torah, a yeshiva in Crown Heights.

In upcoming weeks I hope to revisit this article (it’s a long one) and examine it in detail to highlight several…

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