Haysha Deitsch – Bullying the Elderly


Haysha Deitsch – An Unscrupulous Businessman Willing to go to ANY Lengths to Make Money

May 27, 2016

We have run a number of articles on Haysha Deitsch and each one astounds us more. We will be following this one up with articles regarding the financially incestuous relationships between people involved in his current endeavors, an attorney who is representing the foreclosure group in his foreclosure who also represents the hedge fund hoping to purchase the home referenced below, the purchasers who seem to endorse Deitsch’s tactics.  He monetizes human lives, those of the elderly.

For now we ask yet again whether Haysha Deitsch has a conscience, a soul.

Based upon his business tactics and the extent to which he is willing to go to make money, we have our doubts.


5 Women Over 90 Worry About Being Kicked Out Of Brooklyn Assisted Living Facility


Prospect Park Residence Has Deal To Turn Facility Into Upscale Condos

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Five women over the age of 90 at a Brooklyn assisted living center are living with an uncertain future.

As CBS2’s Brian Conybeare reported, the women – ages 91 to 101 – are being told they have to move because the Brooklyn assisted living facility they have called home for years is closing its doors.

The Prospect Park Residence in Park Slope advertised “the finest in senior living.”

But now, Alice Singer, 91, and Anne Marie Mogil, 93, are among the last five seniors left in the once-beautiful prewar building. The dining room is closed, and the walls and ceilings are crumbling.

“This place used to have a lot of people in it,” Singer said. “They managed to empty it out.”

It turns out the building’s owner, developer Haysha Deitsch, has a $30 million deal to turn the assisted living facility into upscale condos. But he has to get everyone out first.

“They’ll have to carry me out physically,” Singer said.

But while Singer vows to fight, more than 100 residents have already left.

“I’m scared out of my wits about the prospect of having to be relocated,” Mogil said.

Mogil moved into the facility in 2013. Three months later, management announced that everyone had 90 days to move out – with its closure plan approved by the New York State Health Department.

That was more than two years and multiple lawsuits ago. The owner of the building refused to answer questions, but a spokesman told CBS2 the facility was losing money, and said the seniors and their families are “seeking to monetize the moment guided by acts of greed and malice.”

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3 thoughts on “Haysha Deitsch – Bullying the Elderly

    • Fuck you sir,
      Haysha Deitsch is one of the most honest and ethical people I have met in my entire life.
      Haysha is an amazing person and went through every possible caution to help people move.
      He would never “screw out of a deal” anybody, and wouldn’t be able to live with himself knowing that he did something wrong like that.

      • @ Someone re: Haysha Deitsch – if he is one of the most ethical people you have ever met in your entire life than we must wonder what sewer you live in and which animals you keep in your company. In our opinion, Haysha Deitsch is a despicable person who prays upon the elderly, displacing them for financial gain, caring little about their condition. If that makes him ethical than perhaps you and your company need to readjust your collective moral compasses. How he is able to live with himself is beyond us, but he certainly lives comfortably while his elderly patients are moved from place to place and ultimately die without dignity. Judging you by the company you keep… well, we will leave our comments there.

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