Materially False Statements = anti-Semitism??? What?

Based on those documents, it appears that “materially false” statements were made to get Chestnut Ridge’s approval, the board said, and the project may cause significantly adverse impacts to the water supply, wastewater treatment, traffic, government services and schools.

The new Bloomingburg village board is seeking candidates for a reconstituted village planning board, but until it is formed, the town has jurisdiction.

The developers had not received notice of the hearing by Wednesday evening, but spokesman Michael Fragin said the town appears to “have once again chosen the path of confrontation and litigation in a discriminatory effort to target Bloomingburg’s Hasidic community.”


One thought on “Fragin… Chestnut Ridge, MATERIALLY FALSE STATEMENTS

  1. Fragin is grasping at straws and continues to add lies to those that have already come to light. There is little they can do to avoid the town pulling their permits. The approvals for the whole project were based on lies and false statements made to the DEC and other government agencies in the SEQRA and FEIS in order to get the permits. The truth shows that laws were broken and the truth was disguised to get the approvals that would NEVER have been granted had the truth of the scope of their plans been public. The environment and its natural resources simply CANNOT support the population that these developers wanted to bring to the smallest village in the state of NY.

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