Rechnitz and Reichberg Mile-High Club Member Retiring


NYPD Commander Who Allegedly Took Trip With Prostitute Decides It’s Time To Retire


“After nearly 20 years of service, the former NYPD commanding officer of the Upper East Side’s 19th Precinct is retiring. Deputy Inspector James Grant is less than one month shy of 20 years of service, which is the magic number when NYPD employees get to enjoy full pension benefits. Presumably Grant just wants to spend more time with his family or learn how to fly fish, and his retirement has nothing to do with the private plane trips he allegedly took with prostitutes on someone else’s dime.

Grant is one of roughly 20 NYPD executives that the FBI is investigating for allegedly taking diamonds, cash, and trips from Upper West Side developer Jona Rechnitz and Jeremey Reichberg, a powerful member of Borough Park’s Orthodox community.

Both of those businessmen have ties to Mayor de Blasio, with Rechnitz donating more than $150,000 to the mayor’s campaign and to the campaign to elect Democratic state senators. (The mayor has said he would return those donations.)

The Post reported that Grant and Detective Michael Milici were on a flight to Las Vegas from Teterboro Airport in 2014 chartered by Rechnitz and that “NYPD officials had sex with a prostitute dressed as a flight attendant.” It’s not clear how many trips Grant went on, but Rechnitz allegedly paid for trips to London and Rome as well.

Last month Grant was stripped of his badge and gun pending the results of the investigation.

“Any questions that he’s been asked, he’s answered truthfully,” Grant’s attorney told the Times. “We anticipate him retiring now and moving on with the next step of his life.”

The Post reports that if approved, Grant’s retirement would take effect on June 21, “less than a month shy of his 20-year employment anniversary.” The NYPD has a month to decide whether to permit the retirement, or bring departmental charges against him.”

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8 thoughts on “Rechnitz and Reichberg Mile-High Club Member Retiring

  1. “Presumably Grant just wants to spend more time with his family”

    I’m sure his wife and kids want to spend time with him.

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