Finally, Someone is looking out for the Children…

“State Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia has authorized Rockland to send fire inspectors into private schools to ensure conditions are safe for students, teachers and other personnel.”


Mary Ellen EliaWith Senator Flanagan ignoring the plight of abused children (of any religious affiliation) and refusing to endorse the CVA in favor of protecting his voting base. With Flanagan’s decision to vote against installing a monitor with veto power into the East Ramapo School District, MaryEllen Elia should get something of a hero’s welcome for her creative and rational approach to solving problems within the East Ramapo Central School District. She is focusing on the code violations.

While it is not everything we would like to see happen, which would include inserting a monitor with veto power, demanding “substantially similar” education with enforceable parameters that are not overlooked or ignored and denying non-complying schools State funding, it is certainly a start. We remain cautiously optimistic.


Officials to announce game plan for inspections of private schools at news conference today at Fire Training Center


State Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia has authorized Rockland to send fire inspectors into private schools to ensure conditions are safe for students, teachers and other personnel.

Plans to inspect dozens of schools will be announced today during a noon news conference by Assemblyman Kenneth Zebrowski, D-New City, and County Executive Ed Day. They will gather at the Rockland Fire Training Center.


Rockland officials have telegraphed their desire for a state order allowing massive inspections of schools. Zebrowski previously has said the state education commissioner has the authority to deputize inspectors in Rockland for the task.

Last month, Zebrowski and Day said during a news conference at the training center that the state was poised to take action to enforce fire and safety codes in Ramapo.

Both the Department of Education and the state Department of State’s Division of Building Standards and Codes have issued critical reports on fire and safety enforcement in Ramapo and Spring Valley. Both agencies have inspected buildings across the town as part of the reports.

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14 thoughts on “Finally, Someone is looking out for the Children…

  1. Make certain all parents are given legal notice of unsafe conditions. If they send their children into unsafe conditions, call children’s services. Take a few children away and you will see how fast yeshivas comply.

  2. I am not so hopeful. Many obstacles can appear.
    1. The yeshivas can refuse to let the inspectors in. (whether they legally have to or not)
    2. The yeshivas can refuse to make required corrections (even if they say they will).
    3. They can close a yeshiva and then reopen it down the street.
    4. “Anti-Semitism!” will be yelled, and certain subservient legislators will come to their aid.

    • Obstacles will occur but in this case they don’t have the friendly friends they have in Ramapo and State of NY.

      Inspectors will go by the book; don’t let us in? Violation. Don’t make repairs? suspend certificate of occupancy.
      Open up down the street? Neighbors call in – no CO for use. Antisemitism – not if inspections are applied equally.

      It will be tough for all the dopey parents who won’t have a place to send their kids.

      Wolf / Schoenberger / Wieder / Soskin will have a hard time fighting failed life safety inspections. Not sure if they have any say in it at all or will want to stick their necks out with Preet pressuring CSL to sing.

      It’s going to get interesting.

      • @flatearth, Wieder’s campaign contributions are going to be the subject of another article. They include some of our favorites, Pinny Ringel and some of his CB12 friends… You should take a look.

  3. this i like more than the sexual abuse issue or educational curriculum changes, too much bias, conspiracy, hate, bloodshed, slander, and outright antisemitism going on in those areas, but this one here is a real issue

    • @s.y. please explain. A video portrays children being molested by a Rabbi and it is anti-Semitic to point it out? Menachem Stark gets charred, burned to death, was not the kindest figure to walk the earth and he is connected to Rabbi Itzchak Rosenberg. They could have been Jews or gentiles, Asians or Christian Scientists, it changes nothing. Perhaps if you could wash your hands of the Jewish connection and see the crimes for what they are, you would “like” these articles too.

      • @l.m.

        this particular video i havent seen, i wont comment on something i havent seen, ive heard some say there isnt evidence of molesting there, just a hugging embrace which might be a way some old school educators used to deem normal when necessary, but maybe he did molest, i dont know, so il let the f.b.i. be the judge of that, but in general, most of these molesting cases dont have evidence, unfortunately if you are familiar with the system, if you would go to the cops and say that your 6th grade rebbe forcibly touched you and it ruined your whole life blah blah blah, with no iota of evidence, there is a good chance they will believe you , and then if someone decides to write up about it on a website or in the newspaper, your name will get smeared and your career ruined because some schmuck made something up, im not sure how active you are in this world, but if you ever happen to be going up a building in an elevator and you make a comment to a woman which she doesn’t like, and she goes and makes a up a story that you touched her, who do you think the police will believe? you only have have to live in America to know the answer, these authorities are not your friend, i once heard from a lawyer that he wont start a conversation with a woman he doesnt know because its a crazy dangerous world and cops treat you as guilty until proven innocent, also the 103 yr sentence on weberman, why not 25 yrs? isnt that the common sentence for such a crime?, the courts dont like orthodox jews at all.

        about stark, again, you have a guy Kendal Felix who confessed to the killing because of the 20k stark owed him, you have no evidence whatever that this was a mob hit or anything else, so why the fake outrage? and btw he was actually one of the kindlier figures to walk the earth, if you were ever in trouble because you lost your job, or you needed money for an attorney because somebody said you touched their daughter, he would gladly loan or even grant you the money! so as to help his fellow jew! because this is what he believed in, he believed in heaven and hell, and he believed that what goes around comes around , and that if he did a good thing, hashem would repay him, but obviously you wont listen to that side, only the ny post and their ilk.

        FYI, i dont know how familiar you are with boro park and the stories that happen there, but il let you in on a little secret, the cops in boro park totally enforce the gender separation rules, for instance, i know of a guy who was told by the cops that he shouldn’t talk to girls in boro park because “its harassment’, this is a separate issue which i wont delve on now, but suffice it to say, the authorities are not your friend, and by sticking up or them rather than for your fellow jew, you are stabbing yourself in the back, not to mention that the torah has rules about loshon horah, slander, messirah, but you seen to come out guns blazing anytime there is some fake or true story on a yid, you dont seem to have any regard or to care about any of that torah s—-t.

      • @l.m., i havent seen the video, some say it was just an hugging embrace which was common with old school educators, but i haven’t seen it, il let the F.B.I. be the judge, but in general, alot of these stories dont have evidence at all, unfortunately, you can go to the authorities and say that your rebbe touched you, if you talk a good talk they will believe you, its a sick world we live in, i dont know why you are so in love with the authorities, just think about it, if you happen to go up an elevator with a women and you make a comment she doesnt like, and she makes up a story that you touched here, whom do you think you think they will believe, you or her? just ask an attorney, he will tell you whom they wouuld believe, the system is a corrupt hate filled system, not only against jews, but especially against jews

        starks killers confessed, but you know better? it was kendal felix who was owed 20k by stark, you have no evidence otherwise, you are a hater, plain and simple.

        btw stark was actually one of the kinder people walking this planet, but of course you will believe the ny post and their ilk any day

      • BTW, I dont know how familiar you are with boro park, but il let you in on a little secret, the cops totally enforce the gender separation in boro park, these is alot to talk about this, and about how they collaborate with the shomrim to cock block people, but for instance I know of a guy who was told by the cops that he shouldn’t start a conversation in boro park with a woman, in the street or in a store, because “its harassment”,! just think about it, these goyim can screw around all they want, but a guy in boro park cant talk to a girl?!, i mean of course jews have rules, but c’mon, its harassment? have you any idea what haters these cops are? and you take their side?

  4. This is excellent. Ed Day keeps on doing things by the book. The County will require corrective measures and will impose fines that if go unpaid will result in liens on the properties. Uncorrected violations will cause locked doors. Actually a better outcome than State inspections – the County is in the best position to force the issue.

    • We agree entirely. He’s being creative about his approach. With the fire department inspections yielding all kinds of violations, it is almost an inarguable point. They may not speak English but they will either be protected or shuttered.

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