The Rivington Deal -More Alluring Lies



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Contributors: May 25, 2016

CapitalNewYork Reports:

Emails show more communication with City Hall over Rivington deal

The email is important because at the center of the botched deal, which is under investigation by four separate entities, is the question of why a city agency ultimately lifted both restrictions — one requiring the property to be a nonprofit and another ensuring a health care facility. Lifting both allowed Allure to sell the building to Slate Property Group for high-end condos.

City Hall has said Allure indicated it only wanted the nonprofit restriction removed and planned to run a nursing home. But it was one of de Blasio’s own agencies, the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS), that ended up removing both restrictions in exchange for a $16 million fee.

“We like to keep the nursing home operating and continue employing over 250 employees who currently work there. However, this deal cannot go through because the restriction has created a significant deterrent both to accepting the title and the ability to get financing,” Landau wrote. “The nursing home, its union, have been trying for a while to get someone at DCAS to sign off on the deal, so that we can come in and provide the necessary resources the nursing home needs in order to stay afloat.”

Landau never specifically mentioned the $16 million fee, but did raise concerns that language in the deed allowed the title to the property to revert back to the city in case the buyer breached any conditions of sale.

He then asked Newmark for assistance.

“As you can imagine this is a time sensitive matter and any help or input you can provide is truly appreciated,” he concluded.

Newmark wrote back eight days later, “Thank you Joel. I have passed along your concerns to Sarah Samis, who is following up with Dom. I do not have any more information to share at the moment.”


6 thoughts on “The Rivington Deal -More Alluring Lies

    • @testing123, we are having a problem understanding the point of your comments. The post you sent over describes behaviors in 3rd world countries. There are dozens of human rights groups handling those issues. Any attempt by a human rights group to intervene on behalf of the victims of the Jewish community would be referred to as anti-Semitic. They may well be. Beyond that, your point is?

      • Your response to the previous comment. Its spot on.

        The comment calls to mind the old ads that proclaimed “a mind is a terrible thing to waste”
        Consistently, here and on FM when the evidence is so overwhelming that even the most brainwashed amongst them realize they cant ‘explain away’ the go to response is – look some people are EVEN WORSE than us.

        How in heaven’s name is that even an argument? Your rebbe tells us that you are the holiest people in the world that noone comes close, most others are nothing more than animals.

        to testing123:
        When your own people prove the rebbe wrong somehow it becomes OK to make a comparison to the worst of the worst? Isnt the whole point of your lifestyle to show that evil and just plain bad behavior can be eradicated? Its looking quite the opposite these days. Ever ask yourself why you dont get to compare the good people in your community to the best of the best of the others? Why your leaders only invoke the comparison argument when someone does something SO BAD that there is really no excuse even for people really really good at excuses? Are your leaders scared of what other comparison might show?

  1. To be clear, your headline is not totally accurate. It’s not “more lies
    it’s THE BIG LIE. It’s the lie that proves Allure had no intention to keep the building as a health facility and it’s the proof that they obtained the zoning change by means of FRAUD and DECEIT. This is a BIG DEAL@

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