Rabbi Twersky – Did you Know About Your Chef’s Proclivities?


Nachman Breier

Nachman Breier, former chef of New Square’s Grand Rabbi Twersky Charged In Nude Picture Scandal

TWERSKYWhen the story about a Monsey ambulance driver who was peeping into hotel rooms and photographing couples having sexual relations first circulated, we chose to leave the story go. Our mission is not necessarily to cover each and every incident wherein a Jewish man commits a crime. Were we to do that, the number of stories – so we’ve discovered – would be endless.

When today’s article about the incident, published in Lohud, identified the ambulance driver as Grand Rabbi Twersky’s former chef,  the story turned a corner. (We can set aside the fact that Twersky has a chef while members of his community live on welfare and foodstamps.)

Rabbi Twersky, worshipped as a virtual G-d in his community of New Square, is one of our favorites as far as how unpalatable he is. He drives a luxury vehicle, has two homes both equipped with their own private Mikvahs; and while his people are mostly starving he lives in the lap of luxury. A personal chef proves that point full stop.

Rabbi Twersky has even been known to threaten [order the burning of] a person within his own community who refused to worship New Square’s great synagogue. He then announced the celebration of the release of the criminal who committed the atrocious burning.  His tyranny seems to know no bounds.

rabbi readingNachman Breier was Rabbi Twersky’s personal chef. One does not just become a Peeping Tom [sexual preditor] overnight. Moreover, he still drives Rabbi Twersky around (in his luxury vehicles) occasionally.

So, Rabbi Twersky, we ask: “Have you known about your employee(s)’ sexual proclivities?”


Cops: Grand rabbi’s ex-chef snapped nude pics


A driver and former chef for New Square’s grand rabbi David Twersky faces charges for allegedly taking surreptitious cell phone photos of nude couples in a Bergen County, New Jersey, motel.

Officers in Fort Lee arrested Nachman Breier on Monday night on a charge of third-degree invasion of privacy. The arrest comes following an investigation into a prowler reportedly looking into windows at the Skyview Motel on Bergen Boulevard early on the morning of May 18, Fort Lee police said in a news release.

Breier, 54, lives in Monsey and is part of the Skverer Hasidic sect, which is based in New Square and led by Twersky.

Multiple sources, including two New Square residents and one former resident , told The Journal News that Breier served as Twersky’s cook for more than 20 years and is still among a small group of followers chosen to drive the grand rabbi to special events. Breier’s brother, Herschel, also worked for years in Twersky’s home as a house manager and aide.

Nachman Breier, who police identified as a beverage deliveryman, is suspected in similar incidents in Bergen County, New Jersey, and Rockland County according to a statement released by Deputy Chief Timothy Ford.

Calls to Breier’s home were not immediately returned.

One motel guest told officers that an unknown man opened the hotel room window and took cell phone photos of him and his wife while they were naked. Another couple told officers that a man opened the window to their room, moved the curtain to the side and reached into the room attempting to photograph them as they were engaged in sexual activity, police said.

The man ran off when spotted, police said.

A man later identified as Nachman Breier was seen driving off in a black Toyota Sienna minivan with a New York Volunteer Ambulance Service license plate, police said.

Anybody with additional information related to the case is asked to call the Fort Lee Police Department Detective Bureau at 201-592-3510.

11 thoughts on “Rabbi Twersky – Did you Know About Your Chef’s Proclivities?

  1. So is Former butler is a convicted arsonist who nearly burned a man alive, now the cook is a peeping tom. Can’t wait to see what the gardener has been up to

    • Really…you can’t make this stuff up.
      I’d be laughing, if it weren’t for the fact that we taxpayers are funding this mess.
      Thanks for your website and professionalism.

  2. Supposedly the previous Skverer Rebbe created his shtetl not to be influenced by the “defiled street”… turns out his son and inheritor, turned it into a virtual house of ill repute. Taubenfeld et al molesters; Spitzer et al Arsonists; Brier sexual deviant etc etc.

    Irony is it does not matter. He rules as that Il Jung fella in N. Korea. What criticism? We can’t hear you…

  3. Do you think the Rabbi knows what the word proclivities mean? He has a chef, a driver, a valet. How many more people does he have working for him? I wonder how many children this man (Breier) has. I wonder if the people he photographed can sue him. The man unfortunately is one “sick puppy”.

    • Point well taken. We think that the guy is quite brilliant. Are you driving around in a chauffeured car, with a chef, a private pool (mikveh), a couple of houses, and people who make you out to be G-d? The moral bankruptcy rests in the fact that he has enough money to feed a small continent and does not distribute it to his people so they share in his wealth. And he allows, if not encourages atrocities to keep his minions in his control.

    • Im willing to bet that brier fella wass sent as a shick yingel by the higher ups in skver to this hotel to scout out some people from skver who were doing hanky panky at this hotel.

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