The Great Rabbi Teitlebaum is Speaking – Control..

Satmar Hasidim Want To Silence Their Public, The Announcement…

Yesterday we posted a report Rabbi Teitlebaum’s warning his community, couched in an urgent meeting. Before further adieu, we have a correction to our article.

the Haredi site בחדרי חרדים is translated as: in the rooms/chambers of Haredim (NOT secret rooms)

We received a copy of the announcement for the meeting early this morning. It is written in ancient formal Hebrew, not the spoken Hebrew generally used. It brokered little argument that attendance was required, though it did not directly say “Attendance Required.” The Holy Rabbi Teitlebaum Comes to speak, people attend.


The translation is as follows:

“Gather [spelled incorrectly missing a taf] and Listen”

“This Holy Shabbat, May 21, 2016″ (date from Hebrew Calendar)”

“Gather All of the Members of our Pious Community”

“For an Urgent Meeting”

“At the Large Synagogue”

“At the hour of 7:45”

“To listen to our Esteemed Rabbi”

“Hear the Holy Sermon Regarding Urgent Matters”

Community Administration



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