Journalists Take Change.Org Step to End Supression



Journalists Want to shed light on the Enshrouded Secrets Within Kiryas Joel and Other Communities

Yesterday we reported on Blaise Gomez, the attempts to silence her and the threats she received. It should not be any secret why we value anonymity. In largely unprecedented action in the United States, given our notion of free speech and our disdain for censorship, a petition showed up on Change.Org. The petition is predicated on the desire to end the secrecy by demanding that Journalists be permitted their 1st Amendment rights to report on a community, something the suppression of the people within the community clearly does not foster. The Scientologists appear to prevent their community [cult] from similar reporting. Do we see a pattern here?

We are supporting the petition and hope our readership will it and support the efforts, which we are told come from within the community. The drafters are looking for 500 signatures. We would like to see 10,000.

We make one final comment, a point raised by one of our readers. To those journalists who may or may not benefit from this petition, including Blaize Gomez, we ask that if you have a Facebook Page or a Twitter account or other form of social media, you moderate the comments. The sheer hatred and anti-Semitism, not to be mistaken for anything but hatred and loathsome bigotry diminishes the message you are trying to convey. Admittedly, Ms. Gomez’s FB page is loaded with vile comments aimed at Jews; and it is difficult to respect a journalist who allows that to happen. We suggest that while you are signing the petition, comment to her page leting Ms. Gomez know her message, like those of many others, gets lost in the hatred, anti-Semitism and bigotry that is permitted or perhaps not prevented on her pages.


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