Haysha Deitsch – HAVE YOU NO SHAME, NO SOUL?

Hopefully there is a special place in Hell Awaiting Haysha Deitsch…


Haysha Deitsch lost his Court plea to sell the long term assisted living property at One Prospect Park West because he claimed he could no longer afford the property (but of course this had nothing to do with the $75M he stood to gain if Sugar Hill Capital Partners acquired the property).

Now crying poverty (after buying two other buildings for upwards of $10Million in 2015), the five holdeouts, women ranging from ages between 91 and 101 years old are risking foreclosure of the property.

The families have reached out to Eric Shneiderman’s office for help. These are elderly people who deserve to live in peace. We admire them for their tenacity. They deserve better from the State of New York.

The NY Daily News:

Five elderly holdouts fight to stop B’klyn care facility closure – NY Daily News

EXCLUSIVE: Five elderly holdouts at Brooklyn assisted-living facility won’t back down from real estate developer

The residents — women between 91 and 101 years old — are all that stand between developer Haysha Deitsch and his plan for a new condo development.

Two years after the sale of Prospect Park Residence was announced, nearly all of the assisted-living facility’s 125 residents have long since heeded management’s orders to leave.

But five holdouts have refused, challenging the handling of the $76.5 million sale and sparking a web of litigation. Their fight is shining a spotlight on the plight of the elderly and their desire to live in dignity.


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