Reporter in Ramapo Doing Her Job, and KJ’s Response

posted from Blaize Gomez FB Page – threats

Remain Quiet All Reporters, You Might Uncover Hard Truths About a Community… and then get Blamed for Them

May 22, 2016

It is about time that local reporters in Rockland and Orange Counties are finally doing their jobs: namely uncovering the truth about their communities, whether committed by Jews or otherwise. Crime is crime and a Jewish criminal should be no less scrutinized because he or she is Jewish.

Blaize Gomez has decided to take the reins, long since overdue, on shedding light on the ultra-Orthodox communities within Rockland and Orange Counties whose members may be guilty of heinous crimes: molesting children and then covering it up, defrauding thousands and then copping a plea and enshrouding secrets for years, creating fake LLC’s for the purpose of defrauding the government, must we even go on?

When reporting on the burial of our dearly departed Itzchak Rosenberg (zl) Ms. Gomez decided to, well, report the truth, not the whitewashed secrets the community and its members have come to believe. After all, he may have been naked, or not. He may have been on vacation, or not, etc. etc. But, he was connected to some pretty shade characters and was nonetheless being hailed the hero.

Blaize Gomez was criticized and, of course, called a bigot. Kiryas Joel Headquarters admonished Gomez because they are afraid of where her investigation and stories will lead. In our view, they should be. We think that the path down which she is walking will lead to some pretty dark places within the communities she is investigating.

We firmly believe that Blaize Gomez should be commended for finally having the chutzpah to shed light  some on the dirty (very dirty) secrets enshrouded by the Kiryas Joel community, for one. We are inspired by her courage.

That Kiryas Joel and its members should be burying Itzchak Rosenberg with a hero’s burial shows the lengths to which its people are brainwashed and its leaders are willing to whitewash truths. Gomez’s reports on Itzchak Rosenberg are not “digging up personal matters.” Rosenberg likely should have gone to jail with his partner Sholam Weiss, though perhaps not for 845 years, just our opinion.  She is not a bigot.

Within that community, “bigotry” is code for “truth sayer” and anti-Semitism defined by the depth and complexity of the truths being uncovered. This is with very rare exception. After all, there are those who are indeed bigots and anti-Semites. The Kiryas Joel leaders, among many, are making it hard, however, to tell the difference.

Consider the videos a senior rabbi molesting children. We see it for what it is and someone had the wherewithal to place that camera where it was. They say it was a loving Rabbi, a mensch, a wonderful person trying to calm an unruly child. We all know what we are seeing. That the parents of this child are willing to accept the explanation of their leaders gives pause to the depths of their brainwashing. We hope that child will not be scarred for life.

The community’s leaders fear information, reporting and strangers within their community. With knowledge comes power. With power comes a loss of the tight controls placed on the citizens within Kiryas Joel. We wish for the people seeking truth to find it and for those finally seeing with their own eyes to spread the word.

Blaise Gomez should be commended, not shamed. Hopefully one day she will be given enough editorial control over her reporting to get to the bottom of a story that in our view even her senior editors fear, the one that unravels the ills of all of Rockland and Orange Counties. That will be the story that wins her a Pulitzer Prize. It will likely take years.

The web of lies and deceit is so complex, buried so deep and encapsulated in so many LLC’s, Ms. Gomez may grow old trying to get there.

In the meantime, keep strong Blaize Gomez.


Blaise Gomez to blame for Rock-throwing on a Kiryas Joel Ambulance on the way to the Hospital.

Throughout the world, the Orthodox Jewish community mourns the tragic death of two prominent leaders that died in a drowning incident in Florida.

They left a broken community, friends and family in total shock. Their lives were taken away too early, so sudden and so tragic. In such a trying time any human being knows it’s a time of grief and sensitivity. People show sympathy and express their condolences.
Many news stations covered the incident, in a respectful tone, understanding the sensitivity of the situation. But one reporter ‪#‎BlaiseGomez‬ couldn’t control her desire for attention. Instead of just doing her job as a journalist, she decided to turn this painful situation into a disgusting debate on social media degrading the grieving families on constant lies and twisted updates on how those people ended their lives.

Despite the fact that many Orthodox Jewish leaders and residents proved her wrong in her claims that they might have been swimming at the nude section of the beach which, according to the police it is a mile from where those people went swimming, she decided to keep on manipulating the story as a revenge for being called out on her previous nasty reports.

On Friday she even went so far as digging up old personal stories of the victims, to cause even more pain to the grieving families. Interesting enough a number of non-Jewish people on social media called her out for the nonsense and cheap reports on two deceased individuals.

People warned her that the unnecessary hateful rhetoric and manipulative reports against KJ will fan the flames and result in actual criminal acts against the Kiryas Joel residents.
And the day arrived. All on the hands of Blaise Gomez.

Today, her bigotry resulted in an actual criminal act against Kiryas Joel, this time
When a local Monroe motorist threw a heavy rock on a Kiryas Joel ambulance on the Nininger Rd in Monroe, rushing a critically ill patient to the hospital causing a huge blow to the front windshield. The driver lost control first, but managed to get back in the lane.

All credited to the irresponsible behaviors of Blaise Gomez.

State Police are investigating the horrible criminal act.

The good responsible people of ‪#‎OrangeCounty‬ are pointing fingers on #BlaiseGomez calling her to stop the destruction of this beautiful county.

She’s clearly responsible for this despicable criminal act.

The people in Orange County fear that her attacks against Kiryas Joel will play into the hands of criminals.

She must take responsibility and stop before the situation gets out of control.

23 thoughts on “Reporter in Ramapo Doing Her Job, and KJ’s Response

    • Sorry didnt see the other article but this question is for Wigmore:
      Not trying to be nasty just sincerely curious:
      Are there no mikvahs in Miami Beach that this group would have chosen an area of the beach that was clearly marked not to swim (and happened to be one mile north of a nude beach) to use as a mikvah?
      Was the usual mikvah closed for some reason?
      If indeed there are no mikvahs has anyone who knows them suggested that they regularly went to this area for that purpose?
      Who drove them there? Since there were survivors in their group, are they speaking about what happened that day?
      These answers must be out there.


  1. So what’s to be done with these poor witless people when it all falls apart? Guess they all go on welfare.


  2. State Police are investigating the horrible criminal act.

    No the FBI are investigating many criminal acts. There fixed it for you.

    By the way, talk about getting caught with your pants down.

    The snake is eating its tail.

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  3. I feel that the reporting re an internal “civil war” inside KJ is pertinent journalism.

    However his issue with the law 25 years ago, which was settled legally and administratively should not be brought up at this time. Unless there is evidence that he was was murdered by the Mob for whom he allegedly laundered money.

    Since there is no such evidence, out of respect for the dead it should not have been brought up.


    • How wrong you are! His behavior then, and his behavior now has brought much disgrace upon the Jewish people and for that there is no forgiving or forgetting. Like many other before him, however, rather than living a more humble life after committing these acts, and just settling for any grave spot that would not have caused a ruckus, he (his family) pushed himself to get the best, because “I DESERVE IT!” and when you act that way, then everything in the past is fair game.

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    • @flatbusher, point taken. We don’t necessarily agree. IR’s partner was sentenced to 845 years behind bars. He got off with 2 years probation and 10K dollars. Then, he goes to Florida with a diamond dealer, who only months earlier was “robbed” of 35K in diamonds (who carries 35K in diamonds?) which could actually have been about 3 diamonds in his pocket and they are both dead on some secluded beach where there are signs that say not to swim? The whole incident is off the charts as far as what happened. The internal “civil war” inside of KJ is because, in our view, the web of lies, deceit and corruption are untangling and it is a major problem. In our minds, the death of IR is only a collateral event in the whole scheme of things right now but we believe it will be central soon.

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  4. My issue is not with her reporting. It’s her job follow the story wherever it may lead.
    My issue is that her Facebook page is a grand central station for bigotry. Not hidden but blatant. She doesn’t say a word to these bigots and seems to Stir the pot. Read it and you be the judge. She can’t be unbiased if that’s the case. I don’t get offended easily. You’ll need to trust me. But her page is downright offensive.

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    • @anonymous someone, we do not disagree with you on her FB page. We have commented on that point to her directly. Her response is that she does not moderate her page. Perhaps she should. That said, we think it is about time that someone step out and state what is really happened. Our sources tell us that LOHUD is largely bought and paid for by the Ramapo bloc. CWTDWYTK is independent and the moderator of that page tries to keep on the bigotry and anti-semitic comments. In NJ, the Bergen Record, many of the papers down south are either bloc-bought or over-the-top in terms of their hatred. So we don’t see many papers with a middle ground. We think it may be a self-fulfilling prophesy created by the business and other tactics of the ultra-Orthodox community. Just our thoughts on this subject.

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  5. The nude beach thing is just a smokescreen. Ignore the salacious aspects of this story and focus on the criminal histories of those involved, and the backgrounds of those involved with the “drownings”. Means, motives, opportunities, etc. This story is wide open for any investigators actually willing to dig through public records. The murderers are counting on no one paying attention as usual. Kudos to this brave reporter and kudos to LM!

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    • “Though he was a huge financial benefactor to the Hasidic community, Rosenberg was also an admitted fraudster with ties to the Italian mob. In 1999 he pleaded guilty to a number of fraud charges, testifying against the Gambino crime family and John Gotti Jr., admitting that he helped launder hundreds of thousands of dollars for a mafia owned strip club through his Yeshiva in Brooklyn.”

      Such a mentsch,,,

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      • with credentials like that, it’s no wonder he was buried next to his Rebbe. \In their community fraud and theft is a way of life.
        He was probably on Medicaid as well

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  6. I hope the police find Yanky Gold. Here Is a quote from a KJ resident. “He was found naked. He wasn’t holy at all. One of the holiest places was defiled for them. If you have money in this community you control the rabbis and by that way you control the rabbi’s followers. People are crying that their whole religion is desecrated”.
    Of course the resident was more concerned about Rosenberg’s nakedness and made no mention of the fact that the guy laundered Mafia money through Yeshivas or that he was involved with strip clubs.

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