The Chicken Pox Outbreak May be the Result of the Ultra-Orthodox Propaganda Machine – Tachlis

Contributors – May 20, 2016

Tachlis is a word used in Hebrew and loosely translated into English which means to get down to the heart of the matter. It implies efficiency, getting to the point, avoiding flowery verbiage and leaving out unnecessary details. It does not imply honesty. You can use it even if you are lying or telling untruths, provided that you do so directly and to the point. The magazine “Tachlis” does just that, getting to the point [of the lies and propaganda] we mean. 

Admittedly, some of the recipes look interesting…

Thanks to one of our followers, we discovered that there is a concerted effort within the utlra-Orthodox community to convince parents to not vaccinate their children. Why? Because vaccinations cause autism, contain aluminum, are risky. You name the possibilities, they are included in the reasons to avoid these vaccinations.  For example, according to the magazine there may be aluminum in vaccines and the “Amount of alulminum recieved by fully faccinated eighteen month old babie: 5000 mcg” “Number of studies providing safety of injecting aluminum into human infants 0.” See page 67 of Tachlis (https://issuu.com/tachlismagazine/docs/issue__33)

It might be time for a voice of reason within the community to understand that it only takes one child to cause an epidemic in an unvaccinated population. It is just a matter of time before tragedy befalls. The chicken pox outbreak was more relevant than initially contemplated.





9 thoughts on “TACHLIS – NO VACCINES….

  1. I am not against vaccinations . But some vaccinations can be dangerous.
    The son of Robert De Niro, Elliot , became autistic after MMR vaccination.
    He was perfectly normal before being injected with the MMR vaccine .
    Elliot is now autistic .
    My mother had to be rushed to the hospital after being injected with the flu shot .
    She developed a heart condition she never had before and became weak after the flu shot .

    I am not saying that children should not have the chicken pox vaccine , they should , but you never know how the body reacts after vaccination .

    • @m, Robert DeNiro has not definitively blamed his son’s autism on vaccines. He wanted the screening of the movie Vaxxed because the medical community believes the issue to have been debunked while parents still question the safety of the vaccines so there is doubt. Your point about different reactions is in our view correct, but that is true of everything. Choosing to avoid Monsanto Foods because of food modification(where the dangers are proven) doesn’t hurt those around you while choosing not to vaccinate does. The community in question lives in crowded areas. A major outbreak could be catastrophic.

  2. I was infected with Chicken Pox at the grand old age of 55 by a child whose parent refused to vaccinate. And was quite indignant when I suggested that she vaccinate for the sake of the greater good. Her reply was that I was to keep my poison jabs to myself.

  3. Trying to outsmart doctors has always been a favorite pastime for frumma yidden. When speaking to your face, the frumma are very obsequious to doctors, but when the doctor walks away, they immediately express suspicion and paranoia about the doctor’s recommendations.
    They don’t even realize how utterly stupid and annoying they come across.

    Perhaps the best source of information to counter the anti-vaccine lunatics is from the following website. Dr. Gorski is a cancer surgeon and a former colleague of mine.


  4. While I find the vaccines causes autism trope to be offensive, You should hold yourself to a high standard of truth when you criticize them The pages you linked to are marked as advertisement so nothing on them can be categorized as “according to the magazine…” You may take issue with the magazine accepting advertisements from this group, but that is the extent of it

    • FEOM, the criticism is on the magazine and its purpose which as we see it is to brainwash devout Haredi Jews. Most of the pages appear to be geared toward women so this is likely a magazine for the Jewish version of the Stepford Wives. The pages as photographed are not clearly marked as advertisements. If they are, such marking is hidden in plain sight, deceiving likely everyone who sees it. We find it interesting how even a magazine can make telling untruths into an art form. “Tachlis”

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