Senator John Flanagan, Why is the CVA Not Inalienable?




May 20, 2016

Senator FlanaganWe have previously reported on what we view as the compromised moral compass of Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan. From where we sit, he undeniably puts his political career a mile ahead of the lives of children in New York. In East Ramapo he voted against a monitor with veto power, effectively destroying the lives of public school children, both religious and secular.  With his consistently floundering position on the Child Victims Act Senator Flanagan seems to be putting his political career ahead of victims of sexual assault.

We are left dumbfounded that he does not see the absolute necessity of removing the Statute of Limitation on childhood sexual abuse. The ultra-Orthodox communities of the Jews and Catholics alike, have a history of enshrouding sexual abuse in secrecy. They comprise the Senator’s largest electorate and they argue, amongst other things, that civil suits would shutter schools both Yeshivas and Churches; and removing the Statute of Limitations on prosecution would open the doors (kiss the Mezzuzah on your way out) to endless civil suits.

SIS-Flanagan-Flyer-4Senator Flanagan, are we to protect the organizations that allowed the abuse to continue, ignored it, covered it up or even fostered it over the permanently scarred lives of the childhood victims? We know. The bloc support you will lose if you agree to bring the CVA to a vote might cost you a career as a politician. Do you not realize that abused children will likely have nightmares every night for the rest of their lives? Do you not realize that their souls will be forever tortured?

We believe that if you refuse to bring the CVA to a vote and further fail to wholeheartedly support it you are a disgrace to your community, your constituents (which include the children who are abused) and your family.

Setting your political career aside, as a parent should you not want this vote to pass, if nothing more than to protect your own children and their children?  


From Facebook’s Clarkstown- What They dont Want You to Know:

New York’s Power Trio Of Flanagan, Cuomo and Heastie Struggle To Make Up Their Minds About Protecting Victims Of Child Abuse.

It’s almost impossible to comprehend the levels to which some politicians are capable of sinking to in order to placate the special interests that keep them in office.
The victims of child abuse are now at risk of being further victimized by the spineless politicians running New York State.
Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo seems to have caved under recent pressure and is now reportedly on board with the child victims act, which seeks to extend the statute of limitations for victims to pursue justice against their abusers.
Honorable Speaker of the New York State Assembly Carl E. Heastie said that he has been “surveying” his Democratic members to gauge their interest in taking up a bill to reform the statute of limitations. He can’t decide on his own that the rights of victims of sexual abuse should be the priority?
But we know it’s all up to Republican Majority Leader, Senator John Flanagan. Without his authorization, the bill doesn’t even go to the Senate floor.
It has already been established that Senator Flanagan is not interested in putting a veto-proof monitor into the East Ramapo School System to protect children from educational abuse.
Now, we will see whose side he is on when it comes to protecting children from sexual abuse.
There already seems to be a political price established by Flanagan at which children can be denied their rights to a New York State mandated education. Will he now set a political price at which those who molest our children can be protected?…/gov-cuomo-pushes-liquor-law-re…

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5 thoughts on “Senator John Flanagan, Why is the CVA Not Inalienable?

  1. there are 2 sides to the coin, and both should be treated fairly thats all im saying, if you were ever accused falsely of a sex crime, and you didnt have money for a lawyer and you were advised to take a plea, and then everybody thinks you are a perv, you would understand the point im trying to make.

    • @s.y. We were tempted to add a paragraph addressing your point because it does have some validity. We did not because it does not change our position. While you may be correct that there could be false accusations, such is the case with any crime of rape, sexual abuse, molestation, child abuse etc. In other words, unless there is a video or an eye witness, these crimes will always be based upon a he said/she said set of circumstances. But if the community encouraged its children to speak out, false accusations would in most cases not be an issue. Generally, in the instances of children being raped or molested, there is physical evidence at the time (anal tears, bruising, vaginal tears, etc) which may or may not leave scars providing evidence years later. That the community silences its childhood victims, in our view, negates its rights to use the “false accusation” argument to vote down the CVA. The community must pick its poison. It must either encourage children and other victims of sexual and physical abuse (or any crime) to speak up immediately, teach about improper touching in schools, vigorously prosecute the accused at the time the accusation is levied; or it must allow children the opportunity to do so as adults, even if that risks a false accusation. As we see it any community that discourages a victim (of any crime) from speaking up cannot then claim to be a victim of the circumstances it created.

      • yes there are 2 sides to the coin, i just want to bring attention the other side too, because ive seen peoples lives amd reputations destroyed because of this, in sex crimes the authorities and even the general public side with the accuser in most instances where there is a he said she said situation, and there has been damage done to a number of people already throughout history (beginning from joseph in the bible) through these allegations, especially with the system here in the u.s., where if someone doesnt have enough money for a lawyer (who cares only about his paycheck) he will be advised to take a plea, as one lawyer told me once, that in America you can arrested for breathing, if someone wants to cause you trouble, now are these sexual crimes horrendous? of course they are, but it should be looked upon properly with sensitivity to both sides of the equation.

  2. unfortunately in alot of instances the allegations are not true, or blown out of proportion, so thats why alot of people think there should be given too much power to the accussers because innocent people can suffer, i know of instances where people made up stories becuae they has an issue with the accused, so you have to see the other side of the coin too

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