Barry Braunstein and Oxford – Rejected in Red Hook

Victory for Community Activists, You Succeeded in Preventing the Red Hook Deal… Kudos!

May 20, 2016

We have been following the story of Braunstein’s bid to acquire the location in a Red Hook flood zone, and the people within the community who were opposed. Those of us who have followed the activities of Barry (and son Sully) Braunstein knew that his plan was inevitably going to do nothing for the community except perhaps create a perilous situation for Oxford’s patients.

We suspected that the Braunstein clan either intended to move the current facility from Fort Greene, along with the already existing employees from the Fort Greene location to Red Hook; or they planned to coerce a change in zoning flip the property to a luxury complex, similar to Joel Landau’s Allure and many others before him.

While Oxford promised to sign a restrictive covenant to assure that the location would not be flipped, there are few who would have relied upon the enforceability of such a covenant. Mounting evidence suggests that the laws in this area are somewhat inconsistent in practice. Braunstein and Oxford did not promise to sign, as a condition of remaining on the property, a covenant to hire members of the community and utilize its services and providers, which might have improved the community. It also likely would have meant nothing given issues with specific performance.

In the end, we hope that no compromise will be offered in the LONG TERM and we give kudos to the Committee members who took a stand and voted against and to the community activist who worked so hard to achieve these results. Hopefully more communities will follow suit.


Plans for Red Hook nursing home shot down by City Council committee

The Daily News is reporting: 

“A City Council committee shot down plans for a Red Hook nursing home, nixing what would have been the first new home approved by the city in a decade.

Now the nursing home’s operator say their current facility may have to shut down because it’s not up to code, displacing 200 seniors and just as many workers.

The rejection was driven by staunch opposition from local Councilman Carlos Menchaca, who says the plan would endanger residents by housing them in a flood zone, and the land should be used for manufacturing.

The Council land use committee voted 12-0 to reject the plan Thursday, following the body’s usual practice of following the local member’s lead. But it’s rare for the Council to outright reject a land use proposal, instead of making a deal with the developer or seeing the application withdrawn.”

To read the article in full click here.


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