Lost Messiah Site Hacked but Restored

LM Explanation:

Contrary to commentary, we were hacked.

Sometime between 7pm and 10pm on May 17th the site was brought down.  During the night a new site was created in the event that we were unable to restore the original while a handful of people tried to determine what happened. At the time our gmail was still working and we generally backup our material regularly.

Sometime between 6am and 9am on May 18th our gmail accounts were hacked. We know for certain that the hackers used a Mac computer with a Firefox Browser from locations in Briarcliff Manor, New York City and Rockland County;  and a Windows based computer on Explorer in White Plains and Spring Valley, New York.  We have restored all but one of the accounts used to build the network.

We recommend to all of our colleagues, friends, fellow bloggers and contributors that you make certain to have backups of your material and that you change your passwords and check you security regularly.

We thank those of you who cared enough to check in and ask questions. We thank the bloggers who posted. We also thank the newspaper editors, WP technicians and law enforcement for their assistance.

FRUM FOLLIES by Yerachmiel Lopin

Update- 5/18/16 2 p.m. (EST): The Lost Messiah site is back up. The original title of the post has been corrected.

One of the sites that attempted to fill the gap by the takeover of Failed Messiah was Lost Messiah. Sometime last night or this morning visitors to the site encountered a screen which said, “lostmessiahdotcom.wordpress.com is no longer available. The authors have deleted this site.”

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24 thoughts on “Lost Messiah Site Hacked but Restored

  1. In all honesty, my first thought was…’they must have got into some sort of lawsuit or injunction”, but then it occurred to me “nah, they would have made an announcement it one way or another” and that was the point I thought…”maybe hacked, no worries, they will be back soon.” Glad I was right on my second thoughts 😀

  2. You must have worked really hard to get everything back up. Very appreciative. At least we had Chafraud and FF to congregate for updates.

  3. Such a relief! This site is tremendously important in an era when the mainstream press is bought off and intimidated by corrupt and powerful organized criminals. Thank you so much! We hope you will contact Preet Bharara’s office.

  4. You should just know I was so depressed last night and really thought the worst had happened, that either something happened to you because of the things that are posted, or that someone got you to close the site down after paying you money. I was so relieved to hear that neither fear came true and that you are back at the helm of the ship steering us to the truth and ti the light! May you continue onward and upward!

    • Well I’m glad to see that I’m not the only was who was depressed thinking the worst had happened. It felt sort of stupid but now I see I’m not alone! Thankfully I turned in early so I didnt find out until this morning.

      I agree with dh that Chafraud and FF really came through for us but I wonder if LM could post an alternate address to use temporarily in such situations which, from the look of things, is likely to happen again.

  5. All they wanted to know was WHO is the person behind LM I’m afraid they succeeded but they did not.

  6. You need to prosecute this case with the authorities and work to track down who did this. They need to be exposed and brought to justice. Hacking email accounts is a federal crime.

    • @ anonymous, we didn’t need to. The decision on prosecution is in someone else’s hands. We learned a lot, have made some improvements and changes and a few more people helping out.

      • If there is anything I can do to help do not hesitate to ask. One day we should all get together over lunch somewhere.

  7. Good to see you back, and that Rech…sorry…your hackers failed.
    It just shows the depths they will sink to in order to prevent Jewish children from being and feeling safe. I’m sure that their’s is a Chelek in Hell

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