Why Are We Not Vaccinating Our Children?




Brooklyn, NY – Williamsburg Chicken Pox Outbreak Has DOH Issuing Alert To NYC Medical Community



“Brooklyn, NY- A chicken pox outbreak that has swept through Williamsburg’s Jewish community has prompted the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to issue an alert to physicians throughout the city, warning about the possible spread of the highly contagious varicella virus.

75 cases of chicken pox have been reported in Williamsburg since the beginning of March, all in children aged 10 and under, with a median age of three years in the reported cases.

72 percent of the cases occurred in children who were not immunized at all against chicken pox, while 14 percent had begun, but not completed, the two part vaccine series.

The first dose of the varicella immunization is typically given at age 12 to 15 months, with a follow up booster at age four to complete the series. Two doses of the vaccine are recommended for all children and adults who do not have immunity to the virus, which can be determined via a blood test.

Christopher Miller, press secretary for the city’s Department of Health, said that the reported cases included both children who had been following the recommended vaccine schedule but hadn’t been immunized against varicella, as well as those who were behind on other immunizations as well.

Vaccinations have become a highly charged issue with some parents steadfastly refusing to immunize their children.

As previously reported on VIN News(http://goo.gl/9TVwX10), a growing movement of parents who ask their doctors to delay vaccinations has been met with concern as unvaccinated or under-vaccinated children expose their peers to infectious diseases. As of September 1, 2015, New York State requires all children to be up to date on their immunizations before starting school.

The Department of Health urged physicians to make sure that all of their staff and patients have received the chickenpox vaccine which is 98 percent effective at preventing the disease which can cause pneumonia, bacterial infection, meningitis, encephalitis, birth defects and death.

The alert also instructed doctors to give early treatment to those in high risk groups, which includes pregnant women, and advised medical professionals to follow strict protocols for those exposed to the virus who lack immunity, which could include home confinement for a full 21 days after exposure.\”

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6 thoughts on “Why Are We Not Vaccinating Our Children?

  1. Chicken pox is no big deal. So why all this fuss? I can understand measles which could be dangerous, but until but a few years ago, everyone had chickenpox as a child.

    • The fuss is not the chicken pox but shingles which is more prevalent and a nightmare. The reality is that if children are not being vaccinated, it is likely the whole gamut of vaccinations. Most parents don’t pick and choose, in fairness, most. The concern is that these unvaccinated children may spread measles next.

  2. It wont be long that it will make its way to Monsey.

    On another note I received about 10 calls (it started Sunday night) telling me who to vote for in the school board election. It’s the same thing every year, scare tactics. This year they tell you if you don’t vote for “their” candidates your kids will lose the bussing. They end by saying vote for so and so who will do the best for “our community”. What happened to love thy neighbor? Lately they have Hikind on a recording when the election draws close to an end. A former Ramapo HS principal is running for one seat, can’t be more qualified than that. (Jean Fields)

  3. I presume the reason is something stupid like “Torah doesn’t mention vaccines, therefore it is an abomination before God to use them”?

    Or something even more stupid like “vaccines are for goyim; God will protect us because we are so devout”?

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