A FATHER AND HIS CHILDREN STEALING AN ISRAELI FLAG? Or Just some children up to no good…



Did “thou shalt not steal” contain an exemption regarding Israeli flags?

CORRECTED – New Conclusions, a bit less cohesive:

It is unclear to us whether the persons in this video are two men and their kids or all kids or one man, a few younger children and an older child. When we initially posted this video  we believed this to be filmed on Shabbat with one older man, one younger man and some children, making the entire situation feel like these children were being taught to steal, and perhaps on Shabbat.

Many of our readers believe that all of the people in the video are actually children, older and younger, in which case, the video is one of children up to no good. So we decided that the better part of valor was to revisit the post and revise.

All children, whether Jewish or non-Jewish, black, white, yellow green, orange, Asian, Muslim (you get the gist) engage in some form of mischief at one point or another. To some, it is what it means to be a child. And precocious children can be sweet, also regardless of race, color, religion, ethnic background.

What is disturbing here is the lack of respect for a flag, one that to many represents what it is to have a homeland, a Jewish homeland. What is unsettling here is that the children discuss and contemplate the theft of the flag, for which they appear to have little, if not any, respect.

Children who love something are less likely to disrespect it. And, if you are taught something at home, one would like to think it carries into our behaviors outside the home, though not always.

When we believed our initial assessments were correct, we were left wondering what lessons these children were being taught. Were they being taught to steal?

If we conclude that these are all just children, with slightly less admonishment, we still must ask ourselves what these children are taught at home. Are they taught that the Israeli Flag is not to be respected? Are they taught that it was okay to steal it? Did their parents later ask them to return the flag with an apology? Finally, is this the quintessential definition of piety?

And then we wonder why people are anti-Semites…




  1. The two with hats are teenagers, the smaller one is probably just past Bar Mitzvah age (13) and the older one likely his older brother, no more than 16 IMHO. Had he been an adult, he would likely have been married and therefore would have a belt around his frock coat. Pre-Bar Mitzvah boys wear kippot (skullcaps), after Bar Mitzvah they get the hat and coat, and married men wear a belt around the coat.

    Now the fact that they are minors excuses nothing, when my brother ad I were the age of even the smaller ones, we (raised in a very secular home btw) already knew that to respect the property of others and not to steal. We were also taught not to litter and to earn our own money…

    As someone pointed out above, the timestamp is May 11th 2016 @ 6pm, and the kids come up just after the yellow minibus pulls away – so not only does the date say last Wednesday, but the school bus would probably not be running on Shabbat.

  2. Terrible terrible! Shows how Satmar is brainwashing these poor children to hate other Jews. Pretty soon they’ll turn on their mentors, as terrorists are wont to do.

    • They may have simply been precocious children up to no good, we’re it not for the anti-Zionism within the community. As kids, we learned to respect a flag. Their kids don’t. It’s disheartening.

  3. Don’t tell us how to raise our kids.
    We reject your culture of thefts, drugs, child abuse, constant fbi raids and….. errrrr…..ummmmm.
    I’ll get back to you on this

  4. they look quite obviously to all be children, look at the comparative size of those who are clearly children to those wearing hats. Look how they run, crouch and follow the children, I’ve got no sympathy for them but it looks to be children getting up to no good rather than adults encouraging children to steal. However the system that taught them that this flag is something that should be stolen is obviously flawed.

  5. Thou shalt not steal, unless the Rabbi-God is opposed to the item. Then stealeth away, for I am the Rabbi thy God. Thou shalt not have any other rabbis before me.

  6. The 2 wearing hats and long jackets are young teenagers probably just over Bar Mitzva, barely older than the younger kids who aren’t Bar Mitzva yet. There are no adults there.

  7. The timeline on the camera says 5/11/2016 which was of course would date the recording to last Wednesday. Any reason to believe this was not the actual day of the event recorded? Also it kind of looks like they start walking down the block just as the school bus pulls away which would make the 6pm timeframe very realistic. And they don’t really look like shtreimels but more like the everyday hats I’ve seen around.

    Of course if this video is real and /or was produced as an educational video for use in the classroom (ha!) it it is disgusting but did not likely happen on a Shabbat or holiday.

    • The 5 books of moses only applies to them when it fits into thier warped ideas and lifestyle, otherwise they go by the 5 books of “joel”

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