R&R Body Count II – Arrests Imminent

The Ameri Suicide – Signs of Things to Come


The Daily News is Reporting :

Federal indictments of NYPD loomed when Michael Ameri killed self

Fear of possible indictments and a shakeup of police brass from a corruption probe gripped the NYPD in the days before a high-ranking cop committed suicide, sources told the Daily News.

Inspector Michael Ameri, 44, came under increased scrutiny in the days before his death in the mushrooming scandal that involves a pair of businessmen with ties to Mayor de Blasio.

Indictments were expected “sometime soon,” with changes among the NYPD’s upper echelon at One Police Plaza likely by the end of May, according to one source.

Details of the investigation could become public as soon as Monday or Tuesday, the sources said.

Investigators questioned Ameri, head of the NYPD Highway Patrol Unit, for a second time this past week — and popped into the unit’s office Thursday in search of files, sources told The News.




2 thoughts on “R&R Body Count II – Arrests Imminent

  1. The frum are very dishonest . They don’t do what they preach and worse , they COVER UP EVERYTHING that’s not in they guidelines .
    In this case , a Rabbi’s wife is not supposed to go to College for 2 reasons . A frum girl is not allowed to have secul;ar education AND NOT TO BE IN A PLACE WHERE ADULT MEN INTERRACT WITH WOMEN .
    So, the post was removed after it was seen being published . It is to be expected .

    A high percentage of Chabad girls go to College . They don’t say anything , their parents either .
    When you confront them , they deny it vehemently . That’s enough to prove they are dishonest .

    The wife of Chabad Rabbi at Columbia University , Keren Blum , a Baale tshuva ,( same for the Rabbi, Yonah Blum ( not Yonah at all , he does have a secular name and known by his secular name , but Chabad gave him the name ‘ yonah’ ) , did go to Columbia University and graduated from Columbia U while married to Yonah Blum for many years . I’m wondering how a Chabad married women with children can have time to go to College , attend classes and study , even if the College is next door ? Why does Karen Blum needs a Columbia University degree for ?

    btw , Karen Blum does not respect Shabbat , as Chabad wife as she is . She is on the computer
    all day Saturday, on Shabbat Day . Just imagine what else she could be doing . I don’t think she eats ‘ Kosher’ .

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