Kiryas Joel – Parents of Child in Video…


Parents Are Satisfied Their Child Was Not Abused

From the Herald-Record:

A Kiryas Joel source said that the parents of the boy seen in the video posted on Facebook on April 30 have met with school officials and were “100 percent satisfied” that the principal didn’t abuse their son. He said that FBI agents reported having three weeks’ worth of videos and planned to interview the UTA Board president, Mayer Hirsch, and other board members, as well as Klein himself.


6 thoughts on “Kiryas Joel – Parents of Child in Video…

  1. I don’t know what’s more heartbreaking, the video, the lack of knowledge of real world issues the parents seem to have or the extremely poor English language skills of people born and raised in hasidic communities.

  2. no yuni.
    i have not watched the video and im not intrested to watch it.
    i wona ask you something, i see so much old old pictures from euroup before the world war, i see a lot of pictures where in this time was no schools, every family had is oun melamid (in eng. teacher) like the baal shem tov (the first hasidik grand rabby) was also a mlamid.
    and i see on this old images where the kids is sitting on the melamids body in he learn with him from a seifer (in eng. a jewish book).
    is it not sexaul abuose?!?!

    • If you are a real person and not someone pretending to be writing with such a lack of skill, for whatever reason, you are the prime example of why the cult sects are dangerous. What were to happen if everyone were like you. Would there be doctors? No. Would there be farmers? No. Would there be people to make food? No. There would be no one to deliver your 15 children, no one to feed your families and no one to teach you. That is where the Satmar are headed along with all of the other religious cults. It might be time to start the rains coming again.

  3. i now this person rabby klein, he was my teacher for about 15 years ago. there is not such a nice person like him.
    the whole store overhere is, i remember whan i use to stody at him, was there many teachers who had not liked him, – just for personal reasons – and now they published these whole fake story.(i know also the persons who had baked this story),
    they may shaim to do this for such a nice person!!

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