FBI RAIDS: Kiryas Joel – Sexual Assault Videos Mentioned





The following is a report from ABC News regarding the raids in Kiryas Joel. That is followed by another, a report in Lohud  and a link to the corresponding television report. The television report can be viewed by clicking here

From our perspective, what is so striking about the news reports are the denials of the community that the videos implicated the Rabbi Moshe Hersh Klein in wrongdoing. Someone in that community felt the necessity to place cameras above Klein’s desk. We would argue that there are likely hundreds of cases of abuse at the hands of Klein and probably many other videos.

Those children’s lives, his victims’ lives, will be forever tarnished by this Rabbi. The parents who entrust their children in his care are doing a disservice to their children.

The video of the Rabbi and the child can be seen on a previous article we posted. Click here for a link. We did not post the longer version nor did we post the second video. Somehow they felt like a form a voyeurism that we could not stomach. 

May 12, 2016

FBI agents seize documents in Hudson Valley Hasidic community


FBI agents conducted a raid Thursday in the Orange County community of Kiryas Joel.

They searched a yeshiva where a principal was caught on camera in what appeared to be some sort of intimate encounter with a student.

 The FBI and other law enforcement agencies seized documents and computers from multiple locations in the Hasidic village, possibly as part of a child pornography investigation.

Authorities executed search warrants at the United Talmudical Academy, the yeshiva where a principal was caught on tape in close physical contact with young boys, though it is not known if the search warrants are related to the principal’s activities.

The raids took place shortly after the emergence of two video clips that have raised many questions, first in the Orthodox Jewish community, and now among law enforcement.

The clips show a young boy being held close by one of the principals at United Talmudical Academy, one of the yeshivas in the village.

The UTA’s board of directors says the child was sent to the office for behavioral issues and that, while disturbing, is not evidence of abuse.

No comment from investigators, but UTA and several yeshivas have been in the feds’ sights for months.

In March, a series of raids in Ramapo were carried out amid questions whether federal money earmarked for technology was being misused.

As for the videos, many in the community are coming to the defense of the rabbi.

“He’s been a very, very wonderful rabbi,” said one woman. “No complaints on him, my husband even learned from him and he’s a wonderful person. I think this whole thing is a fake.”

The only comment from the FBI is that this is part of an ongoing investigation, and that there have been no arrests or charges filed as of yet.

United Talmudical Academy of Kiryas Joel put out a statement earlier this week saying that the behavior caught on tape does not constitute a “criminal assault.”

“In these videos, the school principal is seen embracing the students who were sent to his office for behavioral issues,” it read. “While this type of restraint may be unacceptable to some viewers, it in no way rises to the level of a criminal assault.”

The statement called the principal a respected rabbi for more than 30 years with an “unblemished professional record as an educator.”


The Journal News Reports:


KIRYAS JOEL – FBI agents and other law enforcement officials are conducting a number of raids across this ultra-Orthodox village Thursday, including at a property run by the United Talmudical Academy.

Outside that four-story brick yeshiva, at 16A Getzil Berger Blvd., a Journal News reporter observed at least seven law enforcement officials — most wearing FBI jackets — carrying items out of the building. Authorities left the scene about 1:20 p.m.

An Orange County Sheriff’s patrol car could also be seen blocking the entrance to the Kiryas Joel Public Safety building on Forest Road as FBI agents investigated inside.

THE RAIDS: 5 things to know

EARLIER STORY: FBI raids in Ramapo target yeshivas, tech businesses
OTHER COVERAGE: Kiryas Joel school officials defend principal’s actions seen in videos

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara’s office and an FBI spokeswoman had no comment Thursday.

Orange County sheriff’s Capt. Scott Hamill called it an FBI investigation, referring questions to that agency. He said sheriff’s deputies provided assistance to the FBI. Sullivan County District Attorney’s office investigators were also seen at the public safety center.

The raids come a week after two videos surfaced on the Internet said to show a principal at the United Talmudical Academy in close physical contact with young boys, prompting a state police investigation.

The school on Tuesday issued a statement defending him and denying that any abuse occurred. It said the videos have been mischaracterized by the media and critics of the Hasidic community.

A spokesman for the primarily Satmar Hasidic village, Ari Felberman, has not returned calls, and a receptionist at the village offices said he was not available.

Wolf Gluck, a UTA administrator, has not responded to any inquiries from The Journal News since the videos were posted online last week.

As word spread through the village about the raids, residents said they had no idea about the details.

One shopper at the main strip mall on Forest Road, Billy Fried, said he had not heard about them but would be surprised if they had to do with the videos, which he had heard about but had not seen.

“I know (the principal) for 40 years. He’s a very warm, honest, upstanding gentleman,” Fried said. “My kids who had him as a teacher say the same thing. I would bet a million dollars on this man.”

Search warrants were previously executed by federal and local authorities in mid-March at ultra-Orthodox yeshivas in Rockland County and several locations in Kiryas Joel targeting possible misuse of federal “e-rate” technology funding by religious schools. A grand jury continues to meet in that case.

A separate or related probe that led to searches in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, that same day was possibly targeting school lunch program spending, according to a report in The Forward.


11 thoughts on “FBI RAIDS: Kiryas Joel – Sexual Assault Videos Mentioned

  1. i now this person
    rabby klein, he was
    my teacher for
    about 15 years ago.
    there is not such a
    nice person like him.
    the whole store
    overhere is, i
    remember whan i
    use to stody at
    him, was there many teachers who
    had not liked him, –
    just for personal
    reasons – and now
    they published
    these whole fake story.(i know also
    the persons who
    had baked this
    they may shaim to
    do this for such a nice person!!
    i have not watched
    the video and im
    not intrested to
    watch it.
    i wona ask you something, i see so
    much old old
    pictures from
    euroup before the
    world war, i see a
    lot of pictures where in this time
    was no schools,
    every family had is
    oun melamid (in
    eng. teacher) like
    the baal shem tov (the first hasidik
    grand rabby) was
    also a mlamid.
    and i see on this
    old images where
    the kids is sitting on the melamids
    body in he learn
    with him from a
    seifer (in eng. a
    jewish book).
    is it not sexaul abuose?!?!

    • If you are not suffering from traumatic brain injury or other neurological illness or disorder, you should be using what teeny tiny critical thinking skill (in the singular) you may possess to see you are nearly completely illiterate. You are the poster child for shutting down ultra orthodox schools.

    • Yidel, in Eastern Europe, there was a culture of education, both secular and religious. For many who came from Eastern Europe, part of the very reason for Hitler’s fear of the Jews was that we were so well educated. We were bankers, and lawyers and doctors and art dealers and jewelers, watch makes and teachers, musicians and painters and the list goes on and on and on. We were self-sufficient in our own little shtetls. This was our lives. While the ultra-Orthodox studied, they worked they lived they brought home money for their families. The sense of entitlement that has occurred since is new to the last 50 years and not before. So, while your lousy language skills (which we have a hard time believing is not some bs troll on these pages, may be current to today, Jews of Eastern Europe also spoke MULTIPLE LANGUAGES FLUENTLY – READING AND WRITING. To say that what has happened now in communities like KJ, is a travesty is an understatement. As for sexual abuse, the bible and liturgy of our history does have instances of sexual abuse, that is undeniable. But there can be no denying that even Maimonides (who, by the way believed in self-sufficiency) believed that times would change and that human existence was going to need to be somewhat flexible. It is hard to imagine that he is not rolling around in whatever grave in horror at what has become of our people.

  2. Upcoming excuse when the FBI finds a shtetl full of kiddie porn on dear, esteemed Rebbe’s computer.
    “He was just doing some pre scouting as to not pop a boner when he gets them nude in the Mikvah.”

  3. You mean to tell me that none of you were sent to the principals office and punished with dick rubbling, butt squeezing and some tongue kisses to the mouth?

  4. welll well well….all the praying of that Romanian skunk hasn’t really helped.
    Just sitting back watching events unfolding with amusement

  5. ABC News should watch or read the news. That piece they have is ridiculous.

    Don’t censor the recordings. That denies us the privilege of truth and choice.

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