Rabbi Teitelbaum Slams Public Education



New York Daily News:

EXCLUSIVE: Rabbi slams NYC investigation into private schools’ secular education standards

Pray for us!

That’s the message a leading Hasidic rabbi gave to his thousands of followers in response to the city Education Department’s investigation into its schools failing to teach secular subjects as required by law.

“These are bad times for us Jews,” said Satmar leader Aaron Teitelbaum during a May 4 speech. “We need to pray to God that (city officials) should not interfere with the upbringing of our children.”

“Worthless … snitches” in the community are urging the Education Department to take action “which the government doesn’t even want,” the rabbi said at a large synagogue in upstate Kiryas Joel.


The Education Department last summer announced that it is investigating more than a dozen private schools to ensure their curriculum follows secular education standards.

That review remains ongoing nearly a year later.

Advocates contend the Education Department is just stalling.

“This speech is concerning in many ways,” said Naftuli Moster, who founded Young Advocates for Fair Education, a group advocating for yeshivas to meet secular standards required by state law.

“Most concerning is the apparent collusion between community leaders and the (department) which might explain why the city investigation stalled early on,” he added.


The Teitelbaum address was transcribed and distributed to followers living in different areas.

The Hasidic leader also says the city has long ignored the state law regarding secular education.

“To put it bluntly, they simply turned a blind eye to what was going on by the Jewish children,” Teitelbaum said. “They didn’t want to look.”

City authorities say the review is active.

“We take this matter very seriously,” said Education Department spokeswoman Toya Holness.

From Yafed (Facebook) https://www.facebook.com/yaffed.org/

Please see below a copy of the speech in Yiddish and then loosely translated into English.

Speech in Yiddish.n



18 thoughts on “Rabbi Teitelbaum Slams Public Education

  1. 93% of the residents of Kiryas Joel were receiving taxpayer paid for Medicaid benefits in 2014. You can do a Google search for details. I suspect that many of them are also collecting food stamp benefits (EBT), Section 8 housing vouchers and cash welfare. Eventually, there will be a taxpayer backlash.

    Almost four years to the day that Chaim Levin’s article about the education he did not receive first appeared on the Huffungton Post web site, the NY Times finally got around to covering the story (in April 2016). It even included a picture of him holding his third grade report card, where English and arithmetic were noticeably lacking. Now at age 26, Chaim is struggling to make up for his deficient yeshiva education and hopes to eventually go to law school.

  2. Is calling another Jew worthless-lashon hora? The second sentence says, “due to our many sins” and the last paragraph ends, “to raise them in Torah and to fear God”. Makes no sense to me. I’m not on Facebook but I would like to see some of the comments to the Daily News article.

    • on yaffeds facebook. a wannabe satmer rabbi who idolizes teitelbaum and claims to have taught at uta says its their right not to learn certain subjects. ok, just dont take $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  3. Teitelbaum slams public education bc he does not want those morons leave the sect if they are educated . They’ll get a job and become secular little by little . Teitelbaum wants them chained to the sect . It is safer to shnorr .
    No public education for girls, either . Those girls are very smart. They’ll flourish in College .
    Teitelbaum wants them chained to their husband . It’s safer that way .
    No education is playing safe all the way .

  4. Theese bozos are begging to be made fun of,they live in a modern world but dress like in the 17 century no shame no self worth.

  5. “Worthless people” – look who’s talking. “They don’t learn all the disgusting, profane subjects” such as English, math, science and history that would allow them to think for themselves and leave the flock.

    • The key words in your comment: allow them to think for themselves

      That is the #1 reason why they won’t teach real knowledge: it’s dangerous. Because then the sheep might realize the emperor has no clothes. Of course, they wouldn’t recognize that reference anyway since they aren’t allowed to read anything that isn’t Torah or Talmud. Screw the 3 R’s, God told us we don’t need them. Or so these alleged rabbis say.

      In my opinion, they should all be defrocked because of malpractice. Nowhere in the holy books are we told to remain ignorant.

      • We like that idea – defrocking a Rabbi. There should be a way to do that. Interestingly, the original Teitlebaum wanted a place that would be self-sufficient. Not sure he anticipated what would become of his little village or the people he brought there.

        • KJ is now a misnomer. It bears no semblance to Joel’s praiseworthy vision. Aaron is a thug who ought to be jailed, not just defrocked. His day of reckoning is long overdue and is coming much sooner than he thinks. Can’t wait.

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