Yeshiva in Ramapo Shut Down for Repeated Violations


Officials: Yeshiva in Ramapo shut down due to unsafe conditions

“A trash-ridden yeshiva in Ramapo that was shown on FiOS1 News last month has now been shut down by building inspectors.

An orange sign was posted on the doors of this yeshiva Thursday, after a second inspection by Ramapo officials deemed the building unsafe.

Building inspectors took notice of the compound, which was hidden from the main road behind a patch of trees, back in April, when it was being used as a matzo factory. It was damaged, and laden with trash and debris.

After an initial inspection, town officials said clean up or get out.

According to Ramapo fire officials, in a second inspection Tuesday, inspectors decided the conditions were still too unsafe and plastered the shutdown notice on the doors.

This property on 33 Forshay Road has been cited for numerous safety violations in the past, including no building permit, certificate of occupancy, or fire safety equipment, according to The Journal News.

This move comes after New York State recently called on Ramapo to ramp up their enforcement of fire prevention and building codes, and demanded that they provide all documentation of previous inspections and results.”


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