Kiryas Joel Community and Two Sex Abuse Tapes

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Taken from an article on the Facebook site: Clarkstown What They Don’t Want You to Know

Former dissident of Kiryas Joel community, Joseph Waldman, reviewed two alleged sex abuse tapes provided by school staff to former members of the Hasidic community and from them to social media and Blaise Gomez of News 12.

Waldman thanked Blaise Gomez for making public his response on behalf of the Kiryas Joel community.

In the spirit of presenting both sides of this issue, here is the full audio interview with Joseph Waldman.

Also here is some background information on Mr. Waldman from a NY Times article published in 1992:

QUOTE – In 1990, Waldman, a sixth-generation Satmar, was the only challenger to the Grand Rabbi’s public school slate. Mr. Waldman lost but got a surprising 673 votes.

Soon after, his children were expelled from the Grand Rabbi’s yeshiva, though they were good students. The Grand Rabbi’s lawyer claimed they were banned because of dissident behavior before the election, but a State Supreme Court Judge rejected that. Only after the Grand Rabbi was cited for contempt and fined were the children readmitted.

Several dozen dissidents had been excommunicated and banned from the Grand Rabbi’s synagogue, which is also the village’s public polling place. Dissidents circulated a petition saying that because of past violence, the polls should be moved to a neutral site. Ben Zion Friedman, a dissident, says he twice was assaulted while praying at the temple, his glasses and hat thrown off.

Two followers of the Grand Rabbi were charged. David Eckstein, the synagogue treasurer, says people were told to ignore Mr. Friedman, but “one couldn’t absorb that and threw him out.” Mr. Friedman did not vote in Tuesday’s primary, he says, because he feared voting at the temple.

About 150 Hasidim signed the petition. The Grand Rabbi sent letters ordering them to retract or be excommunicated. All but 15 retracted, signing a form letter from the Grand Rabbi, which said they had mistakenly supported the original petition without reading it.

Mr. Waldman refused to recant. In May hundreds of the Grand Rabbi’s supporters gathered on Mr. Waldman’s lawn, breaking windows. Ten troopers dispersed them. END QUOTE…/on-sunday-pious-village-is-no-stra…

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and to view the second video ….…/new-video-shows-second-boy-fondled-b…/…


8 thoughts on “Kiryas Joel Community and Two Sex Abuse Tapes

  1. Yes, you idiot, we can see how much love he is full of. When will someone start to fairly adjudicate these respected pedophiles? When.

    Rabbis in religious schools are not mandated reporters. You can drag him in to child protective services by his old wrinkled limp teeny wienie and they’ll turn you away and send you to the police. The loophole is that if the parents know this is going on and continue to subject their child[ren] then child protective services will go after the parents, which could include removing the poor children. This is not unlike most states.

    When the law of mandated reporters draws attention to change, the rabbi lobby opposes any change.

    Pretty soon there will be no more room in hell.

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