Political Action Committees – greasing palms – healthcare

Mission: LeadingAge is an association of 5,600 not-for-profit organizations dedicated to expanding the world of possibilities for aging. We advance policies, promote practices and conduct research that supports, enables and empowers people to live fully as they age. 

LeadingAge website 2011

As You Age SNFs and Nursing Homes


LeadingAge – Ensuring that the Palms of our Legislators are Properly Greased…

There is nothing illegal about PAC’s. There is something inherently distasteful, in our view of donating to an organization specifically for the purpose of greasing the palms of our legislators. LeadingAge – “Expanding the World of Possibilities for the Aging.” is an organization which was started, presumably, to assist the aged in dealing with issues related to nursing care, housing, assisted living, eldercare and many others by obtaining the attention of legislators. Whether or not they accomplish their mission remains to be seen. In our view, the state of nursing care, particularly in California where Shlomo Rechnitz and his various businesses hold title to 1 out of every 14 beds and complaints abound makes one wonder exactly what LeadingAge is doing.

More on this subject to follow…





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