CHAS VE’SHOLIM! A Jewish Child Working?


May 5, 2016

Tafkid, meaning position or job, is an organization in London created introduce Charedi children to life beyond their insular community, to teach subjects like English and Math and to help them find jobs. Ultimately, such an organization’s mission is to provide Charedi children with a future beyond Talmudic study and to reduce the poverty within the community.

The Charedi community in London has decided to warn their members that children should not be working. Any organization offering them a job, like “Tafkid” is actually enticing children to go “off the derech” (off the path).  The clear statement in those words is that the community should not be self-sustaining and should live off of the provisions of others: for to work means to be misdirected.

The reality is that children who are introduced into the world beyond their insular community, who are educated beyond Talmudic studies, Yiddish and Torah represent a threat to the Charedim, not only in England but in the world writ large. When you deprive a child of an education, you are depriving that child a future. By keeping children from being properly educated and working you enslave that child forever.

That way of life is ultimately unsustainable.

Chareidim in London are freaking out because of a leaflet that offers them Jobs and Education

Below is a copy of the leaflet by an organization called “Tafkid” that offers Chareidim an opportunity to get an education or a job, Chas Ve’sholim!

The above “warning” is hinting that “Tafkid” wants to entice Jewish children to go  “off the derech” …

I have a suggestion to the Chareidie leaders, if you don’t want organizations like Tafkid enticing your children …. make your own organization that helps children with free tutors and lessons in English and Math …

How about that?



7 thoughts on “CHAS VE’SHOLIM! A Jewish Child Working?

  1. Oy! They must be self-hating Jews. Who else would challenge our way of life to show that it’s important to live in the actual world? A SHANDAH!!!!

  2. Anonymous is just repeating the things that were taught in Hasidic yeshiva’s for decades. There have been several publications from within the Skeevies, shitmars and chabadniks where the rebbe’s are promoting goys as evil sub humans. There are several parts of Talmud that state these things. As there are several passages in the Bible and Koran that state similar infidel rhetoric. But never before has any fundamental group engaged in such state sanctioned bigotry in America as the Orthodox Jews. Closest thing is overseas Islamic states.

  3. They’re too dumb to have the business acumen we have to survive and thrive. All we have to do us call up our upstate friend Andy and we get whatever we need. He’s our servant already too

  4. They’re just being anti semitic trying to flaunt their education and their living with no tzinus. Moschiah will give them the real lessons and bestow his glory unto his children and the goy will take their education and put it to use serving us.

    • When the “goy” that you seem to think as your servant starts taking on your tactics and registering 1000 LLC’s all of which are considered tax-exempt thereby leaving no Section 8, no food stamps, no tax funding for your parasitic way of life, perhaps then the value of education will be learned. As an aside, the Torah has more than enough “lessons” to be taught on hard work, reliance upon oneself and teaching your children to be loving and kind. Your view of some of the basic tenets of Jewish law is simply a bastardization of religion.

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