Charlotte’s…No… CB 12’s Web – Unwinding

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LostMessiah and contributors, April 28, 2016

Part 2 of LM’s investigation into Community Board 12, 5904-5910 13 Ave, The Players (continued)

David Greenfield: NYC Council Member; endorsed Perlstein, Spitzer and Silber; together with Dov Hikind helps fund “non-profits,” CB 12 and BP Shomrim; chairs Council’s influential Committee on Land Use; questionable influence on Jewish media

Perlstein: Major fundraiser for Greenfield; Greenfield pushed for Perlstein

Spitzer: $95k/yr salary; controls CB’s $273k/yr budget; former Greenfield staffer; organizer of controversial “banquet

Silber: Formerly on de Blasio’s staff; executive director of Boro Park JCC, taking the position after the Sfardish Shul’s Rabbi Kaufman was pushed out

Ringel: $65k/yr salary as “liaison” to Orthodox community; formerly in Office of Public Advocate under de Blasio

Reiner: real estate investor (the Stellar Group) and founder and chairman of non-profit Renewal; vice chair of CB 12 Planning and Zoning Board

Wieder: Earns a taxpayers’ funded salary of over $500k/year running dubious “non-profits”

Dov Hikind: NYS Assemblyman representing Boro Park; investigated by Moreland Commission and close with Ostreicher (Crain’s NY)

Mark Peters: Commissioner of City’s Department of Investigation; at center of growing scandal; never investigated “banquet dinner” thrown by Reichberg and CB 12; treasurer of de Blasio’s campaign

BP Shomrim: Receives hundreds of thousands of dollars from local officials and the Mayor; riddled with scandals

Lichtenstein: BP Shomrim macher; bribed NYPD officials for handgun permits

Daskal: Head of BP Shomrim; history of incidents at Sfardish Shul (and in BP); cozy relationship with Hikind; close relationships with embattled NYPD Pct. 66 officers

Sendy Ornstein: President of Renewal; co-founder of Relief Resources

Shiya Ostreicher: Co-founder of Relief Resources; prominent lobbyist for Agudath Israel; was on “good terms with both Democratic Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Republican Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos” (NYP); close relationship to Hikind; manages “web of non-profits” that were scrutinized by the Moreland Commission; was subject of short-lived Moreland Commission (NYP/Jewish Voice)

Relief Resources: “The Moreland report stated the charity had received nearly $3 million in taxpayer dollars — most of it from a wide variety of lawmakers’ pork-barrel grants, including some from members whose districts fall outside Brooklyn. Yet the Relief funds “certainly didn’t go to improve the health of anybody in New York City,” Moreland co-chair William Fitzpatrick said in an interview just after the preliminary report’s release. “Who got those dollars?”” (Times Union)

Renewal: Kidney-transplant non-profit founded by Reiner

Behavioral Health Services/Darkah: Two places of “employment” for Moshe Wieder; heavily funded by taxpayers and grants; two of many mental health services located in 5904-5910 13 Ave

5904-5910 13 Ave: Location of Community Board 12, Relief Resources, Renewal, Behavioral Health Services, Darkah and a host of other “non-profits”





3 thoughts on “Charlotte’s…No… CB 12’s Web – Unwinding

    • Don’t understand, if this is true why doesn’t anyoneso do something about it. How come the community is silent? There is so much poverty there, and these so called leaders do this? SHAME

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