Police Officers Eating Matzoh, Cozy Much?


Community Relations or Beholden Officers

April 25, 2016

Just for the fun of it, a few of us went out and offered to buy lunch for several New York State Police officers. We asked friends across the country to do the same. Some of us in California didn’t want to make an attempt for fear that the gesture would be misconstrued.

In all but one situation, the officers thanked us profusely but declined. Why?

We were told that the officers in question could not accept gifts because of the “appearance of impropriety.” The one officer who accepted lunch was off duty at the time but still in uniform. He was willing to speak to us and said that even a sandwich can create a sense of being beholden. He felt that because he was off duty he was not crossing that grey line.


We guess eating Matzoh on video fits into an entirely different category?


VosIzNeias reports about the reaction of NYPD officers to their first taste of Matzoh. 





6 thoughts on “Police Officers Eating Matzoh, Cozy Much?

  1. How is eating matzo currying favor? I’d think it would provoke the opposite. Would you want to be pulled over by a cop who just downed a piece of matzo? He wouldn’t be in a good mood.

  2. The fat Hispanic cop in the left might loose weight if he eats matza on a reg basis instead of tortillas, burritos, corn chips , tacos ,rice and fast food . lol !

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