Protecting Our Children From Abuse

April 23, 2016

Protect Jewish Kids



My name is Eric Aiken. I was raised, and remain, a fully observant Orthodox Jew.“The List” is the most comprehensive compilation in the world of individuals involved in Orthodox Jewish communities who are alleged to have been either arrested for, or convicted of, child sex crimes. (Please read the Disclaimer page before reading “The List” page.)


Among my goals in creating this database is that it be used as a resource for parents and employers to protect children, prevent abuse and deter cover-ups. I believe that this database will help save the lives of Jewish children who are deliberately targeted by Orthodox child sex predators for rape and sexual abuse.


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Edmund Burke

In truth, this database should not be run by me, but rather by any number of major Orthodox institutions who are responsible for the safety of Orthodox children. Despite being told privately by top officials at Agudath Israel of America, the Rabbinical Council of America and the National Council of Young Israel that they all support exposing Orthodox child molesters, not one of these organizations publishes a database that exposes these criminals.

None of them will even endorse this website which does exactly what they privately tell me that they support. Their callousness endangers Orthodox children everywhere by failing to expose the identities of Orthodox child rapists and molesters to Orthodox parents and employers.

Children who are sexually abused suffer enormously from the trauma of their abuse. Many suffer their entire lives. They have higher rates of drug addiction, alcohol abuse, failed marriages and suicide than the general public. It is imperative that we, as adults, do everything in our power to protect the children in our care from these heinous assaults. But to do so, we first need to know who the people are who commit these crimes.


“If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to abuse one.” The movie, “Spotlight”.

I personally know at least a dozen Orthodox men who are either child sex predators, child pornographers, rapists or sex offenders. Half of them are rabbis. Some of them I grew up with, some I met in yeshiva, some I met through simply living in Orthodox communities throughout the U.S. and Israel.

If you are Orthodox, you probably also know quite a few Orthodox sexual predators. You just don’t know that they are predators because they are rarely identified publicly and few people in the Orthodox community are willing to discuss the subject.

In my research for this website, I have discovered a common theme. Orthodox child sex predators are routinely protected and covered up by rabbis and Orthodox  officials.

Victims who speak out or report their abuser to the police are publicly shamed, humiliated and punished. Many victims and even their entire families are expelled from their Jewish schools, synagogues and communities for speaking the truth. This is typically done with at least the tacit, if not overt, approval of local rabbis and Orthodox officials.

Few Orthodox rabbis or officials are willing to acknowledge in more than broad, non-specific terms the severity of child sexual abuse in our communities. No one who conceals and covers up known child sex predators is held accountable for their reckless actions. Institutions that allow Jewish children to be sexually abused are shielded from responsibility for their negligence by powerful rabbis. Victims are not acknowledged, apologized to or compensated for their enormous pain and suffering.

The covering up of Orthodox child sex predators and the ignoring of the plight of thousands of their victims is a gross violation of Torah laws and Jewish ethics. Our rabbis and Orthodox officials need to stop denying, minimizing and ignoring our child sex abuse problem. They need to expel child sex predators from our institutions and communities and embrace the victims whose lives have been destroyed through no fault of their own.

I believe that it is just as dangerous today to be an Orthodox child as it was for me and the kids of my generation 35 or 40 years ago. No one protected us from Orthodox child sex predators then and little is being done to protect the children of this generation, either. By failing to address the problem of child sexual abuse in any significant or meaningful way, our religious leaders are enabling the future destruction of thousands of Jewish children’s lives.

Many victims of sexual abuse will leave Judaism in disgust because no one who could have and should have protected them did so. Some victims will choose to self-medicate their pain through drug or alcohol abuse. Others will not deal with their pain anymore and will choose suicide.

So the question for our rabbis and communities is, what’s our number? How many more of our children should we allow to be raped and sexually abused before we act? How many more Jewish victims need to jump out of hotel windows or pull the trigger to the gun they put to their head before we stop the abusers and their abuse?

Abuse frequently moves from generation to generation. Many abusers were abused themselves when they were children. How many more generations of sexually abused victims are we going to allow to become abusers themselves?

What’s our number?

Please go to the website. Please send along tips.




6 thoughts on “Protecting Our Children From Abuse

    • We hope that our help will assist with helping the kids. We fully support the site’s aims. We intend to tag every article about abuse with the links. Save one person and you save the world.

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