“Pretty and believable” – Bloomingburg deception

April 21, 2016

It’s pretty unbelievable.

See below for the remainder of the unsealed secret documents:









12 thoughts on ““Pretty and believable” – Bloomingburg deception

  1. Gee, erev Pesach and you are wishing bad things on people. “Get a job. Get a Life. Live and let live” They should post that on the advertising board on Maple and 306. If you don’t like the blog no one is forcing you to look. By the way there is a protest tomorrow at Ramapo Town Hall between 11 and 12:30 to show St. Lawrence the people want him to step down.

  2. Rosenberg was lucky to be bought out.
    Get a job. Get a life. Live and let live. Don’t like what’s going on in the community? get the hell out!

    • Yeah, OK Dan “you don’t like it find urself another place to live”

      I will be masturbatng furiously in celebraton of you 3 year anniversary when you quit ERCSD you fat f**k.

      Or should we call you eiruvrav is there a differnece?

  3. The Nakdiman guy seems to be buying a few houses in the Village of Chestnut Ridge in Rockland County. The Village was incorporated over 25 years ago. Why are they allowed to use the same name? I wonder why they chose that name.

  4. What ever happened with the old FM trolls like Jack? Are they not posting or banned? Kind of miss hearing their BS.

  5. After building a complete Hasidic community, the developers expect “to be rewarded for the years of secret toil and investment with a very substantial return on investment,” the document said. They project the net profit at more than $330 million.

    $330 million dollar profit from fraud, deceit, bribery, housing discrimination. I suppose all that lying, stealing and cheating is “toil”.

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