NYPD gave boat rides for Reichberg

First it was a private jet, then helicopters – now an NYPD vaunted harbor unit boat.

Hardly a day goes by without any mention of R&R in New York’s papers. Today is no exception. Needless to say, indictment rumors are swirling.

From the New York Daily News –  April 21, 2016

NYPD gave boat rides for businessman facing cop-bribe probe

The police patronage arrived by air and by sea.

A business honcho at the center of a far-reaching police corruption probe got the department’s vaunted harbor unit to give his friends brief boat rides during a catered barbecue at the 39th St. Pier in Brooklyn last summer, the Daily News has learned.

The event was “an appreciation” gathering for cops in the 66th Precinct and some assigned elsewhere, according to a source. It was hosted by Jeremy Reichberg, 42, and there were roughly 100 people in attendance, the source said.

“It was an event for the community, but he wanted to show how much clout he had and had harbor (unit) there to give people rides,” according to another source.

Reichberg — who donated to Mayor de Blasio’s 2013 campaign — is being investigated by the FBI for giving gifts to officers in return for favors, sources say.

The News reported Tuesday that the Borough Park businessman leaned on his cop pals to have two NYPD helicopters fly over a cruise on the Hudson River last summer. Reichberg was hosting a party on the boat for members of his bungalow colony in upstate Monticello, sources said.

The burgeoning federal corruption probe has resulted in nine officers, including several high-ranking officials, getting demoted.

The gifts handed out by Reichberg and his pal Jona Rechnitz include trips to the Super Bowl, Brazil and China, according to sources.

Rechnitz owns a private plane, which he’d use to treat the cops, a source added. At least one flight included a prostitute dressed as a flight attendant, sources said.

On Wednesday, City Hall announced that it is freezing two grants that were given to a volunteer Jewish police force because it has ties to the businessman busted for bribing NYPD officers for gun permits.

The Shmira Civilian Volunteer Patrol of Boro Park was to receive $35,000 in City Council discretionary funds. The decision to freeze the contracts was first reported by Politico New York.

Mayor de Blasio’s office is refusing to release the funds because the force’s chief financial officer listed on city documents is Shaya (Alex) Lichtenstein, the businessman who was charged last week with doling out cash and other goodies to try to expedite NYPD gun permit requests.

Reichberg did not return calls seeking comment. The NYPD also did not respond to a request for comment.


5 thoughts on “NYPD gave boat rides for Reichberg

  1. Taxpayers of New York have financed the luxurious lifestyles of Jeremy Reichberg and Jona Rechnitz (“philanthropists”) for years. Beyond imagination R&R have used their financial and political influence for “charitable causes” that included sex on airplanes, diamonds and cash, payoffs for favors, real estate holdings and the list goes on. Police and political corruption has allowed R&R to live unbound by the laws of the state and any level of morality; all aided and abetted by New York City Police officers, high ranking politicians and taxpayer money.

    The people of the City of New York should be outraged. The Jewish community, which is now being defined by this behavior, should be absolutely disgusted.

  2. He stole enough from frum Jews on the upper west side together with his partner richberg from innocent people? Even this year on puram he threw money to buy his name he never thought that people willi ever find out who he is!!! V call that O P M other people money shame on u

  3. Jona & richberg r thelowest of the lowest on the upper west side he thinks by bringing alcohol to shul every shabbos so people will think differently about him he had cop calling people who ever was in his way he really should be out of entirely of the whole Jewish community

  4. Again, how does Rechnitz have the money to own a private jet? His real estate “holdings” are sketchy at best and he has no other known assets. Did he pay in cash/diamonds? Do you realize how much those plans cost? And where is he flying to all the time that he needs a plane in the first place? He doesn’t list a single real estate assets outside NYC.

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