If the Shomrim are Orchestrating the Crimes, who’s…

Protecting the Public, the Shomrim?

LostMessiah April 19, 2016

Writing about the Shomrim, as well as any other law enforcement/pseudo law enforcement bodies places a somewhat heavy burden on the writer and the reader. There is no organization that is all good. Likewise, there is no organization that is all bad. The same holds true of the Shomrim. The problem is that when the power of the position corrupts the individuals in that position, it also corrupts the organization as a whole. It is the story of the bad apple spoiling the tree.

The above video is one of many available online which casts a shadow on the Shomrim of Borough Park. The title of the video is “Theft by deceptions by Boro Park Shomrim BSSP boss.”  The date of the video is November 4, 2012.

That same year, on November 11, 2012, a youtube video was made of the illegal use of a Boro Park Shomrim Truck to escort a Hanukah parade. On December 16, 2015, FailedMessiah wrote a blogpost about the same subject,

Video: Crown Heights Shmira Patrol Illegally Uses Police Lights And Sirens To Block Manhattan Traffic For Chabad Hanukkah Car Parade

While December 26, 2014 looks to be the final post of a blog entitled “Boro Park Shomrim Exposed,” there is a near endless thread of highly critical blogposts. The posts unveil a history of impersonating paramedics and EMT’s, violence towards African Americans, assault against wives and others, corruption, theft, abuse of power and overall lawlessness.

The most recent arrest of Alex “Shaya” Lichtenstein , the arms dealing Shomrim member is just another example of the power of the Shofar, sorry.. the Shomer.

We are not sure that with the embedded politics, flexible moral compasses of the politicians, huge sums of money flowing in and out of pockets and near boundless use of taxpayer money for personal use, the Shomrim organization of Borough Park is a tree that can be saved. We think it might be time to start fresh, cut the whole thing down, plant some fresh roots.

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