Shaya Licthenstein Busted! Stay tuned.




LostMessiah, April 18, 2016

The Shomrim are not without their controversy. The recent spate of arrests are prime examples. As this article and some to follow will show, the Shomrim’s practices have been somewhat un-kosher.

Updated 5:40pm: Papers filed in Federal Court today indicate Lichtenstein was arrested at home in Rockland County.

From the New York Post, April 18, 2016

A leader of the Boro Park Shomrim private safety patrol was busted by the feds in a gun-permit scam tied to the widening NYPD corruption scandal, The Post has learned.

Shaya Lichtenstein, a Shomrim coordinator, was charged with bribery and conspiracy to commit bribery and was awaiting a Monday afternoon appearance in Manhattan federal court, law-enforcement sources said.

Lichtenstein’s arrest capped an investigation into allegations that he used payoffs to help members of the Orthodox Jewish community obtain expedited pistol permits from the NYPD, sources said.

Meanwhile, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton announced that three cops had been transfered out of department’s License Division, which handles permit applications.

Deputy Inspector Michael Endall “is being re-assigned to an administrative position pending further review,” while Sgt. David Villanueva and Officer Richard Ochetal were stripped of their badges and guns and also re-assigned.

The Daily News Reports:

April 18, 2016

Brooklyn man busted for charging to expedite gun permit applications as part of probe into NYPD

“A Brooklyn man who offered to expedite gun permits with the NYPD was arrested and three officers in the license division were re-assigned Monday as part of far reaching probe into the department.

Shaya “Alex” Lichtenstein was arrested Saturday and was facing arraignment Monday, multiple sources said.

Lichtenstein, from Borough Park, would charge members of the Orthodox community between $5,000 and $25,000 to expedite their gun permit requests, according to sources.


The process can take up to a year and requires multiple checks by the NYPD. It is unclear if Lichtenstein was actually able to speed up the procedure.

But his name is tied to multiple permit holders in the community, records show.

Lichtenstein told the NYPD that the permit seekers needed the guns because they worked in security or in the diamond district, sources said.

“That was total baloney,” a source said. “These are guys that I know of that got permits that has nothing to do with business. It’s for private personal defense.”

Before his arraignment, the NYPD announced that Deputy Inspector Michael Endall was transferred from the License Division into an administrative position “pending further review.” The department also moved Sergeant David Villanueva and Officer Richard Ochetal to modified duty and away from the unit.

Lichtenstein, who has his own gun permit, has close ties to Borough Park Shomrim, the Jewish volunteer patrol.

He also had close ties to officers in the 66th Precinct, sources said.

That includes Michael Milici, a longtime community affairs detective, who was placed on restricted detail after he refused to answer questions from a grand jury.”



Going back in history:

Five Years Ago Today: Shomrim Six Vindicated from Vicious Messirah and Blood Libel




It was Five years ago on this day, the 22nd of Kislev, just a day after the Alter Rebbe celebrated his Didan Notzach, that the Shomrim Six were vindicated from the vicious blood libel and Messirah against them by the Meshichist Mossrim faction.

Shomrim did not celebrate the verdict as a victory, but as a salvation. The motto of cases conclusion rested in the song which is sung at Yud Tes Kislev Farbrengens around the world, “Podo Beshalom Nafshi… Anshei Domim Umirma Lo Yechtzu Yemaihem” ([g-d] has redeemed my soul in peace… men of blood and swindle may their days be halved).

The trial, before the Hon. Judge Albert Tomei, dragged out a grueling 6 weeks in the same courtroom in which murder and mob trials took place. There the six defendants sat behind their team of six defense attorneys, and watched the mockery of the New York State courts unfold, as witness after witness stuttered and stumbled over each others words and stories, through the aid of a translator.

Meticulously, the defense picked apart the prosecution’s case and witnesses, to the point where the judge tossed out the majority of the charges even before allowing the jury to deliberate the case.

שומרים-shomrim-the weak in the hands of the strong-גיבורים ביד חלשים
Two years ago celebration was twofold. The Shomrim Six celebrated  the disposal of the $144 million civil suit, filed by Paul Levi Huebner the attorney for the once Shmira.

Shomrim has maintained their innocence throughout the two years leading up to the trial and the trial itself, the verdict proved that. Shomrim also alleged that there are bigger matters at play, beginning with political pressure to embellish the charges, and the fact that the DA did not fly the witnesses in, yet they were flown in and their transportation to court was all arranged.

Despite all these Shomrim volunteers remained active and continued doing their  good work, helping and protecting the community with the support of Shomrims’ loyal supporters. In fact, these past three years, Shomrim has grown stronger in their conviction to helping and protecting the community.

Tonight the Shomrim Six will get together for a their annul Farbregnen/Seudas Hodoah in which they celebrate their victory and triumph.

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20121206-shomrim-six- Yudi Hershkop, Binyomin Lifshitz, Zalmy Pinson, Nossy Slater, Chaim Hershkop, Gadi Hershkop.


5 thoughts on “Shaya Licthenstein Busted! Stay tuned.

  1. Just amazing how stupid he could be to bribe BYPD right in the middle of this scandal. Also very unusual to see arrest only days after a sting operation. Must be in a hurry to get it done before the holiday.

  2. It looks like according to the Rockland County clerk website he just moved to Pomona in August 2015. He bought a house for $650,000. It looks like a nice house, over an acre of land and it sits next to State parkland. I guess he made a lot of tax free money.

  3. OMG. There are no words for this. I wonder if Lichtenstein bribed any police in Ramapo? I hope Lichtenstein gets a nice long sentence. A while ago a “gay” black man was beaten to a pulp in Brooklyn and he lost his eye. I think he was beaten by members of Shomrim. Maybe one day he will get the justice that is due him.

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