A betrayal of two villages, Sheldon Silver



Lost Messiah, April 16, 2016

Sheldon Silver’s personal sexual escapades are really not our forum for discussion, except when they hurt children. At the time of this story, the kids in question were victims of the Catholic Church. The Church, unlike the Hasidic Community has come to grips with the sexual predatory problems and is trying to stop the crimes and help the victims. In that regard, the ultra Othodox Community is decades behind. The hope was that Sheldon Silver was going to change all that. He was too busy filling scripts for Viagara, or so it seems.

Sheldon Silver had promised to help pass a bill that would increase the statute of limitations for reporting these crimes.

But, when he was screwing the woman advocating on behalf of the Church, all that changed. Silver did not only betray his family but the children believing in his commitment to their safety. And all for a piece of ass.

Fmr. Speaker Silver blocked aid to abused kids: lawyer


The New York Daily News reports:

“John Aretakis, of upstate Troy, made the alarming charge in a scathing letter he sent to a judge who in May will sentence Silver on an unrelated federal corruption conviction.


“Mr. Silver met with and looked into the eyes of many victims of clergy sexual abuse, and he promised his continuing support. … As soon as money lined his pockets, or the pocket of his trusted and loyal allies, he dropped us,” he wrote.

Aretakis, who as a lawyer and victim’s advocate represented a host of clients who sued the Catholic Church over abuse cases, wrote that Silver had been a supporter of a bill to extend the age that an adult who was sexually abused as a kid could bring a case.

The Assembly passed the bill three times — the last time in 2008.

Aretakis wrote that he met with Silver each year between 2004 and 2006 to discuss the bill, which the then-powerful pol “bragged” had passed the Assembly several times with over 100 votes even as it stalled in the Senate.

That changed after the lobbying firm owned by Patricia Lynch, who previously was a longtime Silver aide, took on the Catholic Church as a client, Aretakis wrote. The Church was aggressively lobbying against the bill.

“State records show that Patricia Lynch & Associates was first hired by the state Catholic Conference in 2009 — the same year the Democrats briefly took control of the chamber and had considered taking up the measure.

Then-Senate Codes Committee Chairman Eric Schneiderman, now the state attorney general, tried to move the bill out of committee but the vote fell short and the measure died.

The Assembly last passed the bill in 2008, months before Lynch’s firm was hired by the Catholic Conference.


“Once Ms. Lynch lobbied for the Catholic Conference, Mr. Silver’s support for our bill ended, and the bill did not come out of the Assembly’s Codes Committee … which as speaker, he controlled,” Aretakis wrote.

Aretakis said he penned the missive in an attempt to counteract any messages of support seeking a light sentence filed on Silver’s behalf by those “that have benefited from Mr. Silver’s largesse over the decades.”

He recommended to the judge that Silver be sentenced to 20 years behind bars.

“Victims of sexual abuse as children want Mr. Silver to have sufficient time away to think about how he abandoned his victims…” the letter says. “Allow Mr. Silver to share in the lifetime of pain that he will now have in common with the victims of childhood sexual abuse.””

Read more.

The New York Post reports:

Sheldon Silver cheated on his wife with two women: feds

Crooked ex-Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver kept two mistresses during his years in power, using his great influence to advance their careers in Albany, while cheating on wife Rosa and covering his tracks with a secret second cell phone, federal authorities revealed Friday.

While serving as speaker, Silver repeatedly three-timed his wife of 48 years, with the pair of middle-aged blondes who were heavily involved in Albany politics, throwing his considerable weight around to secure them clients and plumb state jobs, the documents reveal.

One of the women was confirmed through sources as influential lobbyist Patricia Lynch, 57. Lynch enjoyed “special access” to Silver, lobbying him directly on behalf of clients with business before the state, the feds allege in the documents, released Friday ahead of his May 3 corruption sentencing.

The second woman, according to the article:


“But the heavily-redacted documents detail arguments prosecutors in Silver’s $5 million corruption case had hoped to use if Silver tried to present evidence of good moral character at trial.

The fed documents say:

  • Lynch and Silver were caught on tape in an undated conversation worrying about whether the press would find out about their affair. The two strategized over an unnamed reporter who’d been calling around on a story about legislators having affairs. Silver was caught on tape saying, “I don’t think he caught us,” the feds say, but he worried about his travel and campaign records giving them away and said they shouldn’t be seen together for awhile.
  • Lynch also griped to Silver about a high-level member of his staff not treating her well, and huffed on tape about a pending lobbying matter, “I don’t talk to anybody about the issue except you.”
  • Silver and his lobbyist paramour remained close even after the affair, using “very affectionate names.”
  • He used his second cell phone just to contact Hyer-Spencer. The phone was not in Silver’s name, and no bills were sent to him. It was activated days after hers was activated.
  • Silver enjoyed a “long-running” relationship with Hyer-Spencer and, through his chief of staff, recommended her for a prime state position, the papers said.”

3 thoughts on “A betrayal of two villages, Sheldon Silver

  1. There is a very crooked politician in Nassau County, NY , Nassau County executive Edward Mangano who accepted bribes,multiple times for many years from business man Harendra Singh .

    Edward Mangano got away with everything, years and yeas of bribes , free meals for him and his wife Linda Mangano at Harendra Singh restaurant H & R Singleton( recently shut down ) and formerly Chow Down Diner ( now closed) , plus free trips abroad , and more …All that in exchange for free interest loans for Singh approved by the County Executive Edward Mangano .
    Also Mangano voided Singh’ s millions of payment loans due to the County and millions in taxes .

    Harendra Singh gave Edward Mangano ‘s wife Linda Mangano a ‘ no show job’ as advertising
    ‘ consultant ‘ , she was paid $ 7,000 every 2 weeks for a job she never performed .
    Bribes and corruption were ALL COVERED UP by former DA attorney Kathleen Rice who ordered her staff NOT TO START ANY INVESTIGATION despite complaints and witnesses who were willing to testify in court .

    Harendra Singh ended up loosing ALL his restaurants and is now in jail .

    Nassau County executive Edward Mangano AND ALL Singh’s political connections did not do anything for him and did not support him .

    At Harendra’s trial , nothing was mentioned about corruption and bribes of Edward Mangano .
    Edward Mangano was never asked to come to court during Singh’s trial .

    Nassau County , NY is politically run by the Italian organized crime political mafia .
    That’s why Mangano was never indicted because protected by the Italiano Mafia that runs Nassau County .

  2. Pat Lynch was hired by the East Ramapo School Board. She received, I believe $7,000 per month. (She even was paid 7 months retroactively). The public school advocates were against the firm being hired. They wanted the board to hire teachers. She went against the public school advocates and pushed for a bill to hire a monitor with veto power NOT to be passed. I could never understand how taxpayer’s money was used to go against the public school children. I hope Preet is looking into everything.

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