Seabrook Connection II, Spiritual Trip to Israel…




April 13, 2016

Rikers Inquiry Expands to Include Union Chief’s Financial Dealings

The New York Times, June 2, 2015

“Questionable financial dealings are at the heart of a lawsuit filed against Mr. Seabrook this year by William Valentin, a union executive board member who was stripped recently of his annual union stipend of $84,000 by Mr. Seabrook. Mr. Valentin alleges that Mr. Seabrook invested $10 million of the union’s money into a hedge fund in March 2014 without consulting the board or even identifying the fund to them.

Richard Gilbert, Mr. Valentin’s lawyer, said, “It’s a violation of the union’s constitution and bylaws and raises serious questions as to whether Mr. Seabrook is making it up as he goes along to suit himself rather than serve the membership’s best interests.”

It is not known whether Mr. Huberfeld has any connection with the hedge fund Mr. Seabrook invested in. Mr. Huberfeld did not respond to telephone messages left at his home.

In an affidavit for the lawsuit, Mr. Seabrook acknowledged making the investment but did not identify the hedge fund involved. He denied any wrongdoing and said that the investment had earned more than $475,000 over a three-month period. That does not match the numbers in the union’s audited financial statements for 2014, which list a $47,529 return for the unnamed fund.

Mr. Huberfeld is on the board of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, which is also named in the subpoena. Prosecutors requested records of any payment made by the union to the center and its Museum of Tolerance.

In May 2014, 50 officers from the union, including Mr. Seabrook, took part in an orientation presentation for the “tolerance training” program at the museum, at a cost of $2,500, said Rabbi Abraham Cooper, an associate dean with the Wiesenthal Center. Rabbi Cooper said it was the only fee the union had ever paid to the center. He said he knew nothing about a subpoena or a criminal investigation.

Mr. Seabrook acknowledged in his response to Mr. Valentin’s lawsuit that he took two trips to Israel, saying that the union paid for one trip and he paid for the other. He said that the trips helped him make important political connections that were beneficial to the union’s interests.

“My trip to Israel was immensely spiritually rewarding to me,” Mr. Seabrook said.”

Additional Sources:

Hedge Fund Blog, May 27, 2015

New York COBA Police Seabrook Trained To Take Bribes From Israel,Launder Through Israeli Hedge Fund

The Daily News, May 27, 2015

Leader of correction officers’ union faces federal probe for allegedly accepting gifts from firms

The Times of Israel, May 28, 2015

US Investigators probing union boss for free Israel Trips


Seabrook v. Israel, May 25, 1995

215 A.D.2d 312 (1995)

627 N.Y.S.2d 25

Norman Seabrook, Respondent, v. Stanley Israel, as President of Correction Officers Benevolent Association, Inc., et al., Appellants

Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, First Department.

The New York Times, November 3, 1999

After Union Leader’s Death, Discovery of $2 Million Raises Questions


One thought on “Seabrook Connection II, Spiritual Trip to Israel…

  1. Wait a second. Take a look back at the puff-piece article yesterday about Rechnitz where he is praised as being involved with the Weisenthal Center and that training program. Another connection between Rechnitz, Seabrook and now Huberfeld, as slimy a guy as you would ever want to meet.

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