More details about Rechnitz: Wholesale Diamonds

LostMessiah, April 12, 2016

Buried in a POLITICO New York article, the latest on Jona Rechnitz, is a confirmation of our theory that diamonds play a much larger role in this ever-growing scandal and probe:

Rechnitz owns JSR Capital L.L.C., a real estate development, investment and management company which owns buildings in Manhattan and Brooklyn, as well as a wholesale diamond business in the city’s diamond district in Midtown.

However, this raises more questions than it gives answers – questions we’ll continue to ponder as this story continues to wildly unfold.




3 thoughts on “More details about Rechnitz: Wholesale Diamonds

  1. If Yochanan were here, he would probably write a song parody of “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend.” Anyone want to try?

  2. Story tells itself. Rechnitz and partner Reichberg illegally importing massive amounts of diamonds right under the NYPD’s nose.

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